27 Companies That Will Give You Free Dog Food And Treats Just For Asking

27 Companies That Will Give You Free Dog Food And Treats Just For Asking

If you have a picky pup, it’s a great help when you can score some free stuff for them to try before spending a lot of money. To help you out, we’ve made a list of places where you can request free swag and samples. We try to keep this list accurate but these types of deals are constantly changing so be sure to verify them by contacting the company directly for yourself.


Some dog food companies continue to give out free samples but many others have recently changed their policies to only provide coupons or trial sized samples for purchase. Coupons can range in deals but some still offer deep discounts and two for one deals.

For totally free samples, you’ll usually have to do some foot work and contact the company directly. Also, when trying new food, be sure to take advantage of product guarantees when food doesn’t work out for your dog.

Finally, sign up for monthly newsletters and mailing lists to stay in the loop on monthly sales or to receive monthly coupons.

1. Zignature, free samples
2. Candidae, free samples
3. Taste of the Wild, free samples
4. Annamaet, free samples
5. Nutrisource, free samples
6. Nutro, free samples
7. Pawtree, dog food seasonings, free samples
8. Essense Pet Foods, free samples
9. Eukanuba, coupons
10. Purina Pro Plan, coupons
11. Hill’s Science Diet, coupons
12. Bil-Jac, monthly coupons
13. The Honest Kitchen, trial size for purchase
14. Nature’s Logic, trial size for purchase
15. Mike Ritland, trial size food and treats for purchase

When requesting free food samples be sure to explain any special needs that your dog has. Don’t be disappointed if your samples are limited but you may also be pleasantly surprised by the generosity of some dog food companies. Usually the criteria for samples is something like this:

• Single formula per free sample
• Paid shipping (sometimes)
• Limited of samples per order
• Subject to product availability


Everybody loves treats, especially our dogs!

16. Petsmart, free birthday treats with membership
17. Freddy’s, free frozen custard
18. Starbucks, free pup cup
19. Ageless Paws, freeze dried treats, sample size for purchase
20. Life Abundance, dog treat sampler pack for purchase
21. Sonic, varies by restaurant
22. Dunkin Donuts, puppy latte
23. Sprinkles, sugar free Pupcake for $2.50
24. Shake Shack, ask to see the woof menu
25. In n Out Burger, pup patty for a small fee
26. Chick Fil A, free milk bone
27. Culvers, free milk bone


If you’re interested in trying out some supplements for your dog, some companies still provide free samples and coupons. Just like with dog food, be sure to contact them directly to see what they may be offering.

Nupro All Natural Supplements, complimentary “taste” sample

Health Care

The cost of veterinary care can get expensive. These two pet hospitals don’t want your pet to miss out so they offer these discounts:

Banfield Pet Hospital, complimentary office visit
VCA Animal Hospitals, $20 off your first visit


Since dog toys are so expensive, freebies are hard to find. If you’re looking for toy deals, its best to shop the sales and don’t forget to check out the bargain stores. Also, subscription box services will sometimes include bonus toys and special offers:

Barkbox, free double upgrade
Bullymake, watch for specials
Pupbox, customized, watch for specials
Kong Club, watch for bonus deals
Puptreater, watch for specials

Miscellaneous Freebies

Getting free stuff is fun. Here are some free things that might not have been on your radar:

Flush Doggy, flushable dog poop bags, free sample
Yoos, essential oil collar for joint discomfort and mobility, free sample
First Time Dog Owners Guide, free scrap book stuff
ASPCA, free pet safety pack
Organic Excellence, pet shampoo, free sample

With the cost of goods going up, shortages, and supply chain issues, it’s a little harder to find freebies but there are some still out there. The best way to get free samples is to ask. Call or contact your favorite dog food or supplement manufacturer on social media and see what they are willing to do for you. Sometimes, pet food manufacturers will leave samples at pet stores so don’t forget to ask while you’re there.

We hope you enjoyed this information. As always, please feel free to share.

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