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    HERM SPRENGER - Black Stainless Steel Prong Dog Training Collar w/ Swivel

    By Herm Sprenger

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Get it 2 years ago!

    You read that right! Our pupper is a strong 85ish lb lunger at some pups(hit or miss). We were using a chain Martingale collar and while it was better than all the other other collars, he still really went into it pretty hard choking himself. We were concerned he’d be hurting himself long term, and so we pulled the trigger on this prong collar. He first time he tried to lunge he did yelp a little and it broke my heart but he barely moved and inch. Now he see’s the objects of his aggression and he just sits and whimpers a bit.
    And in general our walks have improved to almost 100% perfection in terms of pulling and other distractions. Get this collar!

    Also, don’t try to scootch it over their face. Open it by pulling one of the prongs out and connect it it again behind their ears. It’s s only a little hard the first time.

    Amazing Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Dog Training Collar w/ Swivel

    I love the Herm Sprenger Black stainless steel prong collar. I use it all the time on walks for obedience work and just for a nice walk or run. Watch Upstate Canine Academy's video on how to use the prong collar and you will be an expert in no time.

    Excellent service.

    First and foremost the German Shepherd Shop was the only store (I looked everywhere) that had the Herm Sprenger collar I needed and in the color I wanted. I was able to purchase two of them.

    To my surprise they arrived within three days. Second, surprise, they are a local merchant in my state. I will gladly spend my money locally. Prices are comparable to anything you find on Amazon. Personally, I enjoy knowing that my money goes to help small businesses.

    Keep up the great work! The product is awesome!

    Perfect Collar for our Dobe-in-training

    Perfect training collar for our 1 year old Doberman. Was having trouble locating collar due to lack of availability elsewhere. Thanks to the German Shepherd Shop for saving the day. Fair price and very prompt shipping.