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    What are GSD Perks?

    GSD Perks are points you earn and then redeem for discounts and dollar amounts off of your purchases from our website, 

    How do I sign up for a GSD Perks account?

    1. Click on GSD Perks in the top right corner.

    2. Click Sign Up.

    How do I access my GSD Perks?

    1. Sign in to your account.

    2. Click on GSD Perks in the top right corner and the GSD Perks pop-up will come up. Or once you are logged in, you can go to your account and scroll down and you will see all of the GSD Perks information.

    How do I earn GSD Perks?

    You earn GSD Perks when you create an account and make purchases. You can also earn GSD Perks by liking our social media pages, signing up for our newsletter, and referring friends. Click on Earn GSD Perks to learn all the ways to earn GSD Perks.

    How do I know how many points I have?

    When you are logged into your account, you will see your points balance in the top right corner. You can also see your points balance on your account page.


    How do I redeem my GSD Perks?

    Click the Redeem GSD Perks button and see all the ways you can redeem your GSD Perks.