10 Things German Shepherd Owners Have In Common

10 Things German Shepherd Owners have in common

1: There's dog fur on our furniture. If our dogs don't get on the furniture, we still have dog fur on our furniture. If your clothes are fancy, you might not want to sit.


2: There's also dog fur on us. Lint rollers only do so much and we've spotted dog fur on our clothes even after washing them. German Shepherd fur makes up a significant portion of all of our sweaters.


3: We would all be millionaires if we could get back the money we've spent on vacuum cleaners.


4: We love taking our dogs into the great outdoors, whether it be hiking or just in the yard. We love watching our German Shepherds prance gracefully in all their majesty. It's our therapy.


5: German Shepherds are usually friendly, but they're not push overs and will protect their family. So will the people who own them. Take note!


6: German Shepherd owners have all been outsmarted by our brilliant pooches once or twice. If we're lucky, we figure out how they opened the gate and are thoroughly impressed by their intelligence. If we're unlucky, we never find out how our dog got the treats down from on top of the refrigerator; no matter how badly we want to know.


7: Our dogs often train us without us even being aware of it. We're not sure whether we're disappointed in ourselves, or proud of our dogs. It's probably a mixture of both.


8: We're tough. Only tough people can take the pain of having a German Shepherd step on their foot when they're not wearing shoes. We won't even get into how tough you have to be if you ever get accidentally headbutted by a full grown German Shepherd. We're talking super human levels of toughness.


9: We think of our dogs as family. It's hard not to because German Shepherds have the intelligence of children.


10: We love sharing stories and pictures amongst ourselves of our German Shepherds. Don't believe me? Keep checking the comments!

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