11 Statements Only True German Shepherd Owners Will Understand

11 Statements Only True German Shepherd Owners Will Understand

German shepherd’s are listed as the AKC’s second most popular dog and they have been in the top ten spot for years.  This is no surprise to German shepherd owners who know their dogs are some of the most faithful, courageous, and smartest breeds around.

German shepherds are known for their confidence, loyalty, intelligence, and bravery, not to mention they are amazing athletes.  They are stunningly gorgeous and there is nothing more beautiful than a German shepherd showing off the heart and spirit they were bred for.

These dogs also have great personalities and certain traits that make them so special.  Some of these, only German shepherd owners understand.

1. My dog is a Velcro dog,

German shepherds are very loyal.  They were bred to be a herding dog, which is also a working dog.  Because of this breeding, they are naturally bonded to their pack.  They are happiest when their owners are close by and not far from sight.  If a dog that doesn’t demand much attention is more your style, don’t get a German shepherd.

2. I have to clean up the nose art, again.   

German shepherds are very curious by nature and were born with millions of scent receptors.  This makes them great search and rescue or drug and bomb sniffing dogs.  This trait, plus their curious nature, also causes them to sniff everything and everywhere.  Their “nose art” can be found on anything.  If you don’t want to clean windows and doors all the time, don’t get a German shepherd.

3. I think my dog can read my mind.

German shepherds are extremely smart and seem to have the uncanny ability to read our minds.  They learn very fast and are great at interpreting body language.  At times, owners have to try to trick them to try to sneak something past their highly intelligent brain.  It’s not easy to fool a German shepherd so if you want a dog that is not that engaged in trying to figure you out, don’t get a German shepherd.

4. My dog is my best friend.

German shepherds are highly companionable.  They love nothing more than to be with you, doing whatever it is you want to do.  Because they are so smart and athletic, they can do almost anything and go almost anywhere and are most happy being by your side.  If you want a dog that is content to watch you say goodbye each day, don’t get a German shepherd.

5. I should have bought stock in chew toys.

As herding dogs, German shepherds are naturally very mouthy and need a chewing outlet.  As puppies, they are affectionately known as “land sharks” because they will bite any and everything they can get their tiny teeth on.  They need training and reinforcement to learn to redirect their chewing and mouthing onto acceptable things.  This exploring with their mouth is inherent in the breed and can’t be trained out of them.  If you’re not willing to spend a small fortune on appropriate chew toys, don’t get a German shepherd.

6. I need another new vacuum.

German shepherds shed all the time and blow their dense coat a couple times of year.  Although their coats are basically easy to care for, they do require lots of brushing to keep the shedding under control.  A healthy diet is great for reducing the amount of fur they leave behind but you will find a trail of fur everywhere.  If you don’t want to vacuum all the time, don’t get a German shepherd.

7. If my dog doesn’t like you, I don’t like you.

German shepherds are naturally very protective and intuitive.  A good shepherd is not aggressive toward people but will protect their loved ones with their life.  They can be aloof with strangers until they deem them worthy of trust.   German shepherd owners depend on their dog’s instincts and if their dog doesn’t like a person, they will choose the dog every time.  If you don’t want a dog with an opinion about your friends and strangers, don’t get a German shepherd.

8. My dog needs mental stimulation.

German shepherds don’t just need training, they require it.  They are very smart and versatile and thrive on learning new things and pleasing their owners. They require a job where they can use their intelligent mind whether it be learning new things or actively doing a real job like scent work.  They were bred to work and a bored German shepherd can get anxious and destructive.  If you want a dog that doesn’t require lots of stimulation, don’t get a German shepherd.

9. My dog is busy.

German shepherds are extremely active and need lots of exercise.  Proper exercise can come in many forms but it must happen.  Active playtime, walks, dog sports, and more can all provide the outlet these dogs require.  A German shepherd that does not get enough exercise can become destructive or acquire other behavior problems.  If you want a dog that is a couch potato, don’t get a German shepherd.

10. My dog is always touching me.

Since they are herding dogs, German shepherds will touch you with their nose, a lot!  When you own one of these great dogs, you expect a nose to the face, hands, legs, and basically everywhere and anywhere.  They will lead you with their nose and often perform other natural herding behaviors like walking ahead and watching your every move.  If you don’t want a wet nose constantly touching you, don’t get a German shepherd.

11.I love my dog!

Because German shepherds are so loyal, they become especially bonded with their owners.  All their natural instincts create a dog that is the perfect family companion.  They return respect, love and affection in huge measure. They want nothing more than to be close, cuddle, and be the center of your universe.  If you want a dog that doesn’t expect lots of constant attention, don’t get a German shepherd.  But if you have what it takes to own a dog that is fun, active, loving, and wants nothing more than to stand by your side as your best friend, definitely get a German Shepherd!

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