11 Ways To Dog Mom Like A Boss

What kind of dog owner are you?

Being a dog owner and being a dog mom are two different things. Anyone can be a dog owner; all it takes is having possession of a dog. Being a dog mom, however, means that a dog has possession of you…your heart and soul, that is.

Dog moms take the job of loving their pet super serious. Their dog is their ‘fur baby’ and the center of their world. Dogs owned by dog moms are lucky pups because not a day goes by that they are not shown lots of love and attention.

So, if you’re dog owner and have decided that you want to up your game, this will show you what it takes to dog mom like a boss. If you’re a dog mom and your dog crazy friends already consider you little ‘extra,’ you’re probably already a dog mom boss but read on and see how you compare.

  1. Your dog is a social media star (at least in your eyes)

It doesn’t matter how many followers your dog has, if your pup has their owner Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, you dog mom like a boss. You’re a little extra if everyone knows what your dog is up to everyday or if your dog speaks to their fans on a regular basis.

  1. Your dog comes first, all the time, every time

If you have a reputation for turning down invitations to stay home with your dog, you dog mom like a boss. You have no room in your life for people who don’t love your pet or can’t understand how important your fur child is to you. Your idea of a good time is spending it with your pet or with other like-minded dog moms and their furry children.

  1. Your life revolves around your dog

If your dog has a full social calendar that puts the best soccer moms to shame, you dog mom like a boss. Serious dog moms keep their pups busy with trips for treats, fun adventures, daily outings, shopping for new toys, training, to visit friends, plenty of walks, playtime, and see the vet at the first sign of a sniffle.

  1. Your dog eats better than you

If your dog eats better than you, you dog mom like a boss. If you agonize over every gram of protein and macronutrient your dog consumes, welcome to the dog mom like a boss club. True dog moms take the diet of their pup very serious and monitor everything that goes in and out to ensure their dog is eating the most nutritious diet to ensure a long, healthy life…even if that means keeping their own food budget on the down low so their dog can eat the healthiest meals.

  1. You bake for your dog but not yourself

If you don’t have time to bake for yourself but carve out an hour or two a week to make homemade treats for your pup, you dog mom like a boss. Dog moms love to bake special treats for their 4-legged besties because they are worth it. Dog moms are also known to bake for their dog loving friends so you’re lucky if you’re friends with one.

  1. Your dog goes on vacation with you

If a vacation without your dog is out of the question, you dog mom like a boss. All trips are planned with your dog in mind and if the dog can’t go, momma isn’t going either. Your dog is used to hotels, road trips, and being by your side all the time. Your special pup even has their own doggy travel gear and is waiting to adventure at a moments notice.

  1. You are also a dog nurse

Dog moms are very sensitive to their pup’s body language and behavior and know when the tiniest thing is off. It’s common for dog moms to sit up all night to comfort their pet and watch protectively over them. Dog moms know when their dog needs to see the vet and make sure all their medical needs are met.

  1. Your phone is full of pictures of your dog

If you must scroll through your pictures for 5 minutes to find one that is not of your dog, you’re a dog mom. Dog moms photograph everything their dog does and love to share them. It doesn’t matter how flattering the picture is, all of them are precious in a dog mom’s eyes.

  1. Your dog was in your wedding or at your baby shower

The best dog moms include their dogs in all the major like events, like weddings or baby showers. The party wouldn’t be complete unless their furry love is also part of the celebration. You dog mom like a boss if your dog has their own party favors or if they get to invite their friends.

  1. You consult your dog on important decisions

Dog moms care what their dog think. If the dog doesn’t like the new boyfriend, bye bye. If the dog doesn’t want to eat chicken for dinner again, that’s okay-we’ll try something else. If the dog doesn’t trust the repair man, mom doesn’t trust the repair man. Dog moms respect their dog’s opinions and watch them for clues about life.

  1. You know that dogs are forever

Dog moms love their dogs forever. In their eyes, getting rid of a dog is out of the question unless the direst of circumstances forced them to do so, and then it would be kicking and screaming and after exhausting every other option. Dog moms enjoy the puppy years and look tenderly at their seniors as they age before their eyes. Dog moms know that the life of dogs is too short but endure the pain of losing them because they love them so.

Do you dog mom like a boss or are you a dog owner?  We bet you see yourself in more than one of these and adore your fur child. Please feel free to share with article with your friends.

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