13 Reasons To Rescue A German Shepherd

13 Reasons To Rescue A German Shepherd

With all the homeless German shepherds living in rescues and shelters, there are many reasons to rescue one. In the United States alone, about 670,000 shelter dogs of all breeds are euthanized each year due to overcrowding and health problems.

German shepherds are notorious for not handling shelter life very well. Their strong attachments with their humans, intelligence, and empathy often make them nervous or shut down behind shelter walls. Some get seriously depressed and others may even exhibit aggression, even if they’re not normally aggressive.

According to PetInsuranceReview.com, German shepherds are the 5th most common dog found in shelters, along with pit bulls (1), Labrador retrievers (2), Chihuahuas (3), boxers (4), beagles (6), dachshunds (7), Australian cattle dogs (8).

All too often these awesome dogs end up in shelters and rescues through no fault of their own. Some of the very qualities that make them so special, such as their high energy and intelligence, are the reason behind their surrender, when purchased by people not familiar with the breed.

We think German shepherds are the best dogs in the world. Here are some reasons to rescue one:

1. You’ll be saving a life

Despite being the second most popular breed in the United States, there are many German shepherds dumped at animal shelters or brought in as strays. It’s hard for German shepherd lovers to understand how anyone could abandon these great dogs, but they do all the time. When you adopt one, you just might be saving its life.

2. You’ll have a new best friend

German shepherds are one of the most loyal breeds in the world. When you adopt one, you’ll be adopting your new best friend and companion. They love nothing more than being close by your side and going with you wherever you go.

3. They’ll make you laugh

Despite their appearance, these dogs can be big goof balls and they’re always up for a good time. They love to have fun and are always ready to fetch a ball, play games, and often act silly and are always entertaining.

4. You’ll never be bored again

With a German shepherd in your life, you’ll never be bored again. They’re definitely not couch potatoes and love to go on adventures, experience new things, and have fun. When you own one, you’ll always have a reason to get out of the house and explore the world.

5. You’ll get more exercise

German shepherds are high energy dogs, especially puppies and young dogs. They need exercise or they can become destructive and anxious. When you share life with one, you’ll be forced to go on more walks or play more games outside, to keep your dog healthy and happy. More exercise is good for you, too.

6. You’re taking a stand against back yard breeders

When you adopt a shelter dog, you’re taking a stand against unethical back yard breeders and puppy mills. While there is nothing wrong with reputable breeders, there are too many breeders churning out German shepherds to make a quick buck. By adopting rather than buying a dog from one of these “so called” breeders, you’re helping to put an end to the neglect and abuse they inflict on this great breed.

7. You’re helping more dogs than one

When you rescue a German shepherd, you’re freeing up space for another homeless dog. So not only are you giving your new dog a forever home, you’re helping another dog find their forever home. Not to mention, you’re providing much needed financial support to the rescue.

8. You’ll be getting a great dog

Most German shepherds end up in shelters through no fault of their own. They’re often surrendered to lack of time, training, divorce, or their family moves and can’t take them along. Sometimes they’re purchased by someone unfamiliar with the breed or who didn’t realize how much attention they’d require. No matter how they end up there, in most cases the dogs in shelters are great dogs just waiting to be rescued.

9. You’re doing something you can feel good about

Saving the life of an animal will make you feel good. Not only that, German shepherds are very smart and will be forever grateful and loyal to you for giving them a loving home. They’ll repay your kindness by giving you a lifetime of love.

10. You’ll save money

When you rescue a German shepherd, you’ll save money because the dog will already be spayed or nurtured, have its first shots or up-to-date vaccinations, and might even be microchipped. If you’re lucky, the dog will already have some training.

11. You’ll be part of a special pack

People who rescue dogs tend to form friendships and bond over their dogs. When you rescue a German shepherd, you’ll most likely connect with other German shepherd lovers who have also rescued their dogs. You’ll make new friends with likeminded people who like to help support each other on their rescue journey.

12. You’ll be more relaxed at home

German shepherds are very protective and watchful over their family. Once the new dog settles into your home, they will notice everything and alert you to changes and unusual things going on outside or inside the home. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing your German shepherd is always on duty, ever watchful about what’s going on around them and you.

13. You’ll have a new hobby

German shepherds are highly intelligent. They love to learn new things and need training. Because they’re so smart, they can easily get bored. When you own one, your new hobby will be training your dog and keeping them mentally stimulated. Your reward will be a well-trained dog that can outperform most dogs you’ll run into. The training possibilities you can get involved in or do with your German shepherd are almost endless.

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