13 Things Your German Shepherd Wants You To Know

13 Things Your German Shepherd Wants You To Know

German shepherds make wonderful pets. They are versatile, intelligent, and can fit into many lifestyles. They’re also a breed that takes a lot of work, time, and training but in exchange for all that, they’re the most devoted friend.

They’re also highly intelligent. If they could talk, here is what they’d want you to know:

1. Be patient with me, your new puppy

When I come live with you, I’m leaving behind all I ever knew and am experiencing everything at your house for the first time. Be patient with me if I don’t know the rules, or feel a little scared to be by myself, or don’t know where to go to the bathroom, yet.

2. I like to puppy bite

I’m a puppy so I explore the world with my mouth and love to sink my razer-sharp piranha teeth into everything, including you. My brothers and sisters didn’t mind my biting but I guess you do? I’m not being aggressive, I’m having fun. Please be patient with me while I learn bite inhibition. Learning what I can and cannot bite is a big deal to me, especially when I’m teething and need something to chew on.

3. I like to herd and nip things

I’m a German shepherd, that means I’m a herding dog. I was bred to herd, chase, and nip to keep the livestock in line. It’s what I was bred to do. That’s why I love to chase your hands, ankles, toys, and anything else that moves. I love spending countless hours playing ball or any other chase games. Anytime you want to play, you can count on me to be ready, willing, and able.

4. I’m a working dog

I’m a proud shepherd, that means I like to work. I virtually need to punch a timecard every day to make sure I have plenty to do and get to use my high intelligence. Sitting around doing nothing is not in my nature. If you leave me to my own devices, I’ll think up plenty to do on my own and for some reason, I don’t think you’ll like it. I’ll never be a couch potato and you can’t turn me into one.

5. I’m high energy

I am brimming over with energy and need to burn it off every day. I don’t care how it happens, I like to walk, jog, play, train, and do real exercise that help me use it up. When I don’t get enough exercise, something inside starts to bubble up and soon, I’m bouncing off the walls. I become a super unhappy pup, which can make me become anxious and destructive. I can’t help it, I’m born to move.

6. I’m an athlete

In the dog world, I’m considered an athlete. I’m muscular, strong, and have a lot of endurance. I love to run, jump, and play sports. I’ve got ninja skills and excel at most dog sports and other things. If you’re up for organized dog sports, I’m your breed. I also like nothing more than to fetch a ball or play Frisbee and run around in large open areas, too. If you like to do things like go hiking, I’d be in doggy heaven.

7. I’ve got the smarts

In the dog world, I’m a genius. I’m super trainable and love to use my mind. I can learn many commands and tricks, if you’ll take the time to teach me. When you do, I’ll impress your friends. If you don’t take the time, I’ll get bored. A bored German shepherd is a sad German shepherd that can become anxious, depressed, and have other problems so let’s not go there, ok?

8. You don’t have to be scared with me around

Since I’m a herding dog, I’m naturally protective. Nothing gets past by radar ears, a nose that can sniff out anything, and eyes that see all. I’ll notice everything that goes on in our house, yard, and beyond. I’ll let you know if I don’t like someone or something. You can count on me.

9. I’m messy but loveable

I’m a loveable mess. I shed all year round. Twice a year, I blow my coat, which means, I explode hair all over the house. I also like to make nose art on the doors and windows. Playing in my water dish is fun on a hot day. I even drool when I see extra yummy food. But don’t worry, I’ll make up for all this messiness by being so adorable.

10. I don’t know what personal space means

I live to be your companion. I don’t know what this thing called “personal space” means. I love to be close by your side, the closer the better. I love to share your bed, couch, and snacks. If you’ll let me, I’ll sit right in your lap and when I can’t do that, I’ll glue myself to your side.

11. You’ve got a friend in me

I’m a very loyal. I’ll always be your best friend. I’ll never hurt you or leave you. I want nothing more than to spend all my time with you. You’re my whole world and once I give you my heart, without you, I’m lost. I need you to be with me. I don’t like being alone too much, it makes me very anxious.

12. I may be perfect but I still need training

Because I’m an intelligent working breed with a strong personality, I need lots of training. I do better with boundaries, even if I hate to admit it. I may think I know everything but deep down I know I need a leader so I can be the best I can be. I have lots of German shepherd friends that are living in shelters because no one took the time to bring out their best, please don’t do that to me.

13. I’m a forever dog

From the day you bring me home, I’ll give you my whole heart. I’ll be the good dog you want me to be. I’ll spend every day of my life showing you how much I love you. I’ll devote myself to making you happy and looking out for you. From the time I’m a little pup until I’m old and gray, you’ll always be the center of my universe. And, when it’s time for me to cross the Bridge, I’ll live in your heart forever so you’ll never be alone.

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