14 Amazing Facts About German Shepherds

14 Amazing Facts About German Shepherds

No one has to tell you how amazing German shepherds are. Their loyalty, courage, and intelligence have won your heart. Not to mention, they are beautiful! There are so many things to like about this breed. Here are 14 amazing facts about them.

1. Established in Germany

As the name suggests, the German Shepherd dog was established in Germany in 1899 by Captian Max von Stephanitz and other breeders who wanted to create a dog known for its courage, confidence, loyalty, and intelligence.

2. One of the most popular breeds in the US

German shepherds are adored by their fans and for a good reason, these dogs are simply amazing. But do you know just how popular they are? According to the AKC, for the past 10 years they have held the 2nd most popular dog spot, and have been in the top 10 spot for decades.

3. Recognized everywhere

The regal appearance of German shepherds makes them highly recognizable. They have athletic bodies, a long nose, and pointed ears. Often seen working alongside the police, military, and on television, even people who’ve never met a German shepherd know what they look like.

4. Super Family Dogs

Despite being bred to work, German shepherds make excellent family dogs. They form super strong bonds with their people and love nothing more than to be close to them and do great in active family homes. When socialized around kids, they love children.

5. Clever brainiacs

German shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Because they are so smart, they love to learn and are easy to train. Since they are always thinking, they need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy. They also love to please their humans, which makes them a joy to teach.

6. Superb sniffers

German shepherds are very curious and love to sniff everything. If you have one, you’re already familiar with their nose art appearing all over the house. But not only do they enjoy sniffing, they excel at it. They have millions more scent detectors than humans, which is one reason they are so great at assisting law enforcement and the military in search and rescue, and with drug and explosives detection.

7. Naturally protective

As a herding dog, German shepherds are naturally protective of their humans. They are assertive and in general won’t back down from a threat. As such, they do require lots of socialization and training to teach them to be comfortable around strangers and other pets. Owners have a level of responsibility to raising them right and when they do, they are the best dog ever.

8. Close companions

German shepherds love to be close to their people. If given the chance, they will stick to you like glue. They enjoy following their humans around the house, going on car rides, going on adventures, and snuggling up as close as possible. They don’t like being separated from their family and don’t do well with too much alone time.

9. Blow their coats

German shepherds are lovingly referred to as German shedders because they shed A LOT, year-round. But twice a year something special happens. They blow their coat, which means they shed their undercoat like crazy and you’ll be busy brushing them and vacuuming the house for days.

10. Born to work

German shepherds were bred to work and are good at many jobs. Most are only limited by the amount of time their owners can spend training them. Some things they excel at include police and military work, service dogs, therapy dogs, protection sports, agility, obedience, and teaching them tricks.

11. Independent thinkers

As herding dogs, they can and will think on their own. They will make decisions and choices when left to their own devices. They need lots of training to teach them was is acceptable and not and strong guidance from their owners. They also need lots of time and attention to keep them from getting board.

12. Athletic stars

German shepherds have lots of energy and are strong and athletic. They need lots of exercise to burn off their energy. When not given enough exercise, they can become frustrated. The good news is, they love to play, go for walks, explore, fetch, swim, hike, and more so it’s fun and easy to provide them what they need but does take time out of every day.

13. Mouthy and nosy

Another trait of these herding dogs is that they are mouthy and nosy. They will nip and poke you with their nose when they are trying to lead and guide you. As puppies, they are notorious for their puppy biting. They must learn that they cannot chew on people or furniture and be provided with lots of chew toys.

14. Most loveable

Their companionship and loyalty makes them one of the most devoted breeds. They fill their owners heart and lives with lots of love and will happily be your best friend until they take their last breath. If there is one thing wrong with this amazing dog, it’s that they don’t live forever.

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