15 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd

15 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd

There is no better dog than a German shepherd. Which is why they are one of the most popular breeds in the United States today.  The list of what makes them great is seemingly endless but here are our favorite benefits of having a German shepherd for a best friend.

  1. They know how to make you smile. IG|german_shepherds_lovers

  1. They make great yoga partners. IG|german_shepherds_lovers


  1. No matter how big they get, they’ll always be your baby. IG|german_shepherds_lovers


  1. They don’t mind twinning…much IG|germans_lovers


  1. They’ll help you wash away their fur from your clothes. IG|germans_lovers


  1. They make you look cooler than you are. IG|zacapastoralemao


  1. They can do tricks and like treats. IG|huskiesofpnw


  1. They’ll keep your secrets no matter what. IG|altenfelsenberg_gsd


  1. They know family is everything. IG|the.gsd


  1. They’ll go anywhere with you. IG|whiskythegsd


  1. They make the best snuggle buddies. IG|instagsd


  1. They’ll never be embarrassed of you even when they should be. IG|thegsd

  1. They’re always up for a ride. IG|joplanetfitness


  1. They’ll protect you with their life. IG|k9_kazi


  1. They give the sweetest kisses. IG|storm_the_black_gsd

We hope you enjoyed these fun benefits of owning a German shepherd.  Please feel free to share yours as well as this blog post.

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