15 Signs That Show Your German Shepherd Is Obsessed With You

15 Signs That Show Your German Shepherd Is Obsessed With You
If there is one thing that all German shepherd owners can agree on, it’s that German shepherds are the most loyal breed ever. Fondly known as Velcro dogs, these dogs form super strong bonds with their owners and love nothing more than to be near them.

In fact, although German shepherds were born to work, the job of most of these dogs today is to be a companion and protector to the ones they are closest to. They love dearly and will protect those they adore fiercely.

They are happiest when their family is within their sight and when spending quality time with them. They don’t do well when separated from their owner for too long and have a strong desire to spend every waking minute with their owner.

They are truly a dog that is happiest by their owner’s side. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s playing, hiking, training, or even hanging out and watching television. One could say that German shepherds are obsessed with their owners and here’s how you can tell:

1. They worry when you get the mail. (IG| heisenberg_gsd )

2. No matter how big they get, they are still your baby. (IG| bestboybenson)

3. They put up with your shenanigans. (IG| mr_ricoslife)

4. They only have eyes for you. (IG| topi_the_dog)

5. They don’t know the meaning of personal space. (IG| huntersmith.gsd)

6. Life is hard when they’re not with you. (IG| scout.gsd)

7. They think they should go to work with you every day. (IG| aresiggsd)

8. They are always there to support you. (IG| manaiathegsd)

9. They cheer you up when you’re sad. (IG| topi_the_dog)

10. They don’t tell you if you have bad breath. (IG| bestboybenson)

11. They make fun of your frenemies so you don’t have to. (IG| sirhandsomehenrythegsd)

12. They love you to the point of exhaustion. (IG| astrothegsd)
13. They are always up for anything. (IG| adventureswithriggsandscar)

14. They share their favorite toys. (IG| adventureswithriggsandscar)
15. They will follow you anywhere. (IG| gsd.koda.juneau)

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