15 Signs That You’re A Crazy German Shepherd Lover

We all love our German Shepherds. They’re beautiful, elegant, and loyal- a dedicated partner and valued part of our families. However, there are German Shepherd Lovers … and then there are CRAZY German Shepherd Lovers. You might fall into the second category if these apply to you:


  1. Any family photo contains your German Shepherd.
  2. In fact, all the photos in your house are of your German Shepherd!
  3. You barely acknowledge your significant other when you leave but tell your German Shepherd that you love and miss him already.
  4. You’ve installed a nanny cam so that you can keep in touch with your German Shepherd while you’re at work.
  5. You might not know your own ancestry, but you can date your German Shepherd’s heritage back to the 1800’s.
  6. Your dating profile says “Must love German Shepherds”.
  7. You frequently cancel plans just to hang out with your German Shepherd.
  8. You might live off of Kraft Dinner, but your German Shepherd eats nothing but the finest food that money can buy!
  9. If you see a German Shepherd, there is no way that you WON’T pet him.
  10. You upgraded to a bigger bed so that your German Shepherd has more room.
  11. You sent out a birth announcement when your new German Shepherd puppy was born.
  12. Your mom and dad know that your German Shepherds are as close as they’ll ever get to human grand children.
  13. No matter how far back you scroll, your phone only contains photos of your German Shepherd or selfies… with your German Shepherd.
  14. You’ve named all of your future German Shepherd puppies for the next fifty years.
  15. You wouldn’t change your life for anything!