15 Times German Shepherd Puppies Were The Purest Thing In The World

German Shepherd puppies are some of the sweetest, cutest creatures in existence. Humanity is so lucky to have been blessed with their furry little faces. They bring so much joy to everyone they encounter. They are sweet, loving, loyal, super adorable, and are the purest things in the world.

There is nothing better than a German Shepherd, which is why we made this compilation of adorable German Shepherd puppies to brighten your day!

1. Look at this sweetheart! (IG|chief.gsd.nj)
2. Those teefers! (IG|agsdnamedvegas)
3. Oh My Goodness! That Face! (IG|lunatic_gsd)
4. Those ears! (IG|jaxxonthegsd)
5. Taking a little snooze... (IG|kingcoopgsd)
6. High five! (IG|friends.w.benefritz)
7. That look! (IG|daktheblackgsd)
8. First car ride! (IG|kaigsdrulez)
9. Those eyes! (IG|gsd_maxie)
10. Boxes are always the best toys! (IG|tails.of.logan)
11. Two beautiful pups! (IG|max.and.flash.gsd)
12. Take me to the treats! (IG|sierra.moose.thegsds)
13. Can I have treats please?! (IG|konatheknine)
14. The look of innocents. (IG|gsd_whiskey)
15. Cuteness overload!! (IG|miss_molly_bear_gsd)