16 Things German Shepherds Do When They Are Trying To Tell You Something

16 Things German Shepherds Do When They Are Trying To Tell You Something

German shepherds are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you already know this. Not only are they intelligent they are loyal, loving, fearless, and full of life.

German shepherds are easily trainable because they pick up on concepts super-fast but they also have a way of communicating with their owners. The longer you have your dog in your life, the easier it is to read their moods, needs, and emotions.

Just as you can read them, they can also read you. They are highly aware of your schedule, stress level, and how you feel. They understand your body language and at times if feels as if they can read your mind.

They can also learn how to get what they want from you by wrapping you around their cute furry paws. They can communicate what they want and how they feel by how they behave and how they communicate non-verbally with you.

Their body language and behavior often gives them away. By watching them, you can learn a lot about how they feel about different things and situations. You can also learn about how they think, how their minds work, and what captures their attention.

Here are some fun pictures of German shepherds in different situations that are clearly communicating with their owners in different ways-enjoy!

1. More food, please (Photo Credit: WolfBear, Cheryl Olmstead)

German shepherds are so smart, they can make up a language all their own to communicate with. If your dog pats their food dish, they just may be telling you they are hungry or want seconds. Since they are so smart, they just may want more of something yummy. But since they are so active and busy, they truly may be hungry because unlike labs, they are usually not food obsessed.

2. Let’s play (IG|spiritpuppet)

This one is a no brainer. If your German shepherd stares at you while holding their ball, they want to play! These energetic and active dogs love nothing more than to run and play and if they are chasing after their favorite ball, even better. Since they are an active working breed, they do need lots of exercise and play time is perfect for burning off some of their energy and improving the bond you share with your dog,

3. Bet you can’t resist my cuteness (IG|sprout.thegsd)

When your German shepherd gives you the look that says, “look into my eyes, you cannot resist me,” how can you say no? Those dark chocolate eyes are irresistible. But beware, these pups often work their magic to get what they want by using them on their owners to get what they want. German shepherds are masters at telling you when they want something, like a treat or new toy.

4. Give me a boop (IG|k9_norway)

When your German shepherd sticks their long, adorable nose in your face, they want a boop! Just give them a boop on the snoot that says, “I see you, I love you, you are mine.” German shepherds actually crave lots of attention from their owners and will often check in just to say hi.

5. Watch my head tilt (IG|millie_rock0129)

When a German shepherd tilts its head not only is it adorable, but you never know what might be coming next. Is the pup listening? Thinking? Or coming up with their next plan? You never know what’s coming until they make their next move. Sometimes they are just interested in an unusual sound and sometimes their next move might be a playful pounce. One thing is for sure, when your sheppy tilts in head when you talk to them, its beyond adorable.

6. Hey, remember me? (IG|hendrix_and_ringo)

German shepherds are like alarm clocks. When they come up to and give you the paw, they are reminding you that you forgot something important…like it’s time for a walk, or dinner, or to play…With a German shepherd around, you’ll never forget anything important again, as long as it’s important to your dog. They actually do very well on a schedule and look forward to spending time with their owners.

7. Don’t ignore my crazy smile (IG|topi_the_dog)

German shepherds are hilarious and can make the funniest faces. You never know what they might be thinking or will do next when they think something is strange, scary, or fun. You may not always know what your German shepherd is thinking but one thing is for sure, you will always know when they are thinking. Especially, if they are thinking, “let’s get crazy!”

8. I’m an incoming fur missile (IG|rayco.ogsd)

If you see your German shepherd flying toward you, expect an incoming fur missile of love. German shepherds love their people and love to run. That means they love to run to you and will whenever they get a chance. Be ready to receive lots of affection when your fur baby reaches you because they just want to play. Engaging with your dog during these cute moments is a great way to get some extra exercise and add some fun to both your day.

9. I’m your best friend (IG|niko_the_gsd_)

When your German shepherd leans into you, they are reminding you that you have a best friend. As long as their heart beats, they will loyally walk through life with you no matter what. With a German shepherd in your life, you will never be alone. Friend, protector, faithful companion, that is who your German shepherd dog is. They deserve all the love and respect in return because never will you have a more faithful companion.

10. Do not disturb (IG|thegermanboyss)

If you see a German shepherd doing this, do not disturb. It’s called sleeping and is very rare to see. German shepherds are notorious for being super busy all the time. New owners are sometimes overwhelmed by their activity level but they soon realize that dealing with all that energy is so worth it in exchange for a lifetime of love. German shepherds do need to recharge but once their nap is over, they’ll be off looking for something fun to do.

11. I’ll be your workout partner (IG|adps_k9_mattis)

If you’re German shepherd does this when you try to exercise, no worries. They just want to help you stay in shape. By climbing on your back when you do pushups, they know they are helping you up your game. Don’t be surprised when they try to help you in other ways, too. Like going for lots of walks, hiking, jogging, swimming and more. German shepherds are athletic so they are great exercise partners once their joints mature.

12. I do it because I can (IG|archer.vonjakoba)

German shepherds are athletic and capable of doing amazing physical stunts. They will do things like climb on countertops, leap fences, and jump from heights just because they can. They are also curious and fearless so you never know what they might try to do…like take a nap on the nice cool countertop. Because of their antics, they may need to be protected from themselves and their high curiosity level. Nothing can be left to chance with one around.

13. I’m a working breed so I need lifelong training (IG|led_by_a_lunatic)

German shepherds rely on their owners for training and guidance. They were bred to work and can learn to do almost anything, which is why they do so well when they have jobs. It also means that they are never too young or too old to learn and be trained to do new things. Training them also helps burn up some of their excess energy and makes them better dogs overall. They are not a dog that is happy to just nap in a sunny spot all day, they need to keep their minds and bodies engaged to keep them content.

14. I can never be too close to you (IG|absolute_kaos1)

German shepherds love their humans in a big way and just want to be near them all the time. When you get a German shepherd, you give up your personal space because they will follow you anywhere and everywhere so they can look out for you. They don’t do well when left alone too much because they get so attached to the people and other animals that they love. Since they were bred to herd, they are highly attuned to their pack and consider their family the center of their universe.

15. If you don’t watch me, I will get into mischief (IG|hello.its.bruno)

Since German shepherds are so naturally curious, they can easily get into trouble. They explore with their mouth and nothing gets by them. When they are puppies they need constant attention and a puppy proofed house. Don’t worry about this picture, it was taken from a video and this cute pup’s mom is clearly teaching him that biting a plug is a big no no. These smart dogs need lots to keep them busy and distracted, especially puppies.

16. I tell ya, I’m innocent (IG|bestboybenson)

When German shepherds put their ears back, they might be guilty of something. They are smart enough to try to trick you into thinking that they’re innocent when in fact, they are guilty. Next time you see your dog giving you the innocent face with their big ears hidden, take a look around and see what you find. No matter what they do, they are too cute to get mad at, don’t you agree?

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