17 Pics That Prove German Shepherds Are A Little Different From Other Dogs

17 Pics That Prove German Shepherds Are A Little Different From Other Dogs

There’s nothing quite like a German Shepherd! They are one of the most popular breeds, and for good reason! They are super intelligent and easily trained. They are courageous and powerful and will protect their loved ones at all cost. They can be silly and make you laugh. They are loving and affectionate. They are cute and adorable, and they make the most loyal companion. Check out these photos that show just how awesome German Shepherds truly are.

1. They have very colorful personalities.

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2. The are called The Guardians Of The Night, and will protect you at all cost.

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3. They will let you know if they are feeling a little grumpy.

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4. They will steal your spot and act like nothing happened.

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5. They often pretend they are kangaroos...

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6. And sometimes bunnies too.

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7. They are great to work with.

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8. They're majestic creatures.

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9. They are so sweet and caring!

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10. Mess with their people, they will mess with you.

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11. They are very photogenic.

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12. They have great style!

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13. They are the coolest breed.

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14. They just love getting a bath.

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15. They're not afraid to be silly.

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16. They can sleep in any position.

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17. They will be your best friend for life.

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