17 Reasons Why I Put Up With My German Shepherd’s Constant Shedding

German shepherds are amazing dogs. They make wonderful pets and loyal companions. Although they’re easy to love, they’re not a low maintenance breed. They require lots of brushing and even then, they shed year-round.

If dog hair on your furniture, in the car, or on your clothes bothers you, a German shepherd dog is not the breed for you. But for those of us who adore them, putting up with their constant shedding is worth it.

Here’s 17 reasons why:

1. Devoted Companions

German shepherds make great companions. Wherever you go, they’ll happily follow. They’re always up for anything and will stay by your side no matter where life takes you.

2. Exercise Buddy

Owning a German shepherd will help keep you fit. They need lots of exercise. Your German shepherd will never let you forget your workout routine, as long as it involves them. They love to walk, jog, and play and will constantly remind you of that.

3. Entertaining Comedians

German shepherds are full of personality. They are very entertaining and their antics will make you laugh. They constantly think up things that are fun and want you to be part of the action, whether you feel like it or not.

4. Living Alarm Clocks

With a German shepherd in your life, you’ll never oversleep again. They’ll be sure to get you up early each morning so they can spend as much time with you as possible. Owning one will add more hours to your day.

5. Loyal Friends

There is no dog more loyal than a German shepherd. They are faithful, devoted, and dedicated to their people and happiest hanging out at home together. They truly become your best friend.

6. Fearless Protectors

When it comes to protecting those they love, they will stop at nothing to keep you safe. They consider it their job to watch over you and they take that job very seriously. Nothing entering into their territory will go unnoticed.

7. Easy on the Eyes

There is no debate, German shepherds are gorgeous. They are majestic in their movements and lovely to look at. Just watching them can make you feel happy. It doesn’t matter if they are resting or running through a field, they are beautiful.

8. Always Understanding

German shepherds have a very strong connection with their owners. They are sensitive to their feelings and very perceptive. One look into their soulful eyes and it’s clear they understand you. They will easily pick up on your emotions.

9. They Hear Everything

German shepherds hear everything. From the slightest sound approaching the house or you opening the cheese in the middle of the night, they will be there to check out the noise and alert you to it.

10. Help you Sleep

Because they are always on alert, you can sleep better at night knowing your German shepherd will notify you of any danger. Plus, they’re super cuddly and snuggly sleeping companions.

11. Love Bugs

German shepherds shower love on their owners. From the moment they open their eyes in the morning, until they go to sleep at night, showing their owners how much they love them is their primary job.

12. Mind Readers

German shepherds are highly intuitive and experts at reading body language. The way they pick up on the slightest physical cues is so uncanny it’s almost as though they can read your mind. At times, it seems all you have to do is think of their leash and they’re at the door ready for their walk.

13. They Make You Look Smart

They make their owners look smart because they’re so smart. German shepherds learn quickly and are easily trainable, making you look like you’re a dog raising genius. Plus, they’re happy to help you solve your problems.

14. Keep Your Secrets

Your German shepherd will happily listen to you spill your secrets, deepest hopes, and fears. They’ll sit by your side quietly while you share your thoughts and never tell a soul what you said, even for treats.

15. Make Life Interesting

German shepherds are very curious and enjoy going on adventures. They love to explore and see new places. When you have a German shepherd, you’ll find yourself trying new things to keep your dog happy.

16. Never Boring

German shepherds are highly active dogs and love to have fun. If you live with one, you’ll never be bored again because as soon as you have a free moment, they’ll want to play fetch, tug, go swimming, take a hike…they are up for anything that is fun.

17. Constant Reminder of Good Things

German shepherds have so many great characteristics, they’re a constant reminder of all the good things in life. If you feel down, they can help you feel better. When you feel forgotten, they’ll remind you that you’re not alone. If you feel hurt, they’ll show you what true friendship is.

There is truly no greater friend and companion than your German shepherd. They will spend every day of their life proving it, over and over.
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