17 Things German Shepherd Owners Should Never Forget About Their Dog

17 Things German Shepherd Owners Should Never Forget About Their Dog

German shepherds are known for their fierce loyalty, extreme bravery, and larger than life personalities.  They are confident, intelligent, and determined.  In the dog kingdom, it seems that there is nothing they can’t do.  Because of this, there are some things all German shepherd owners should never forget.


  1. I’m an adorable love bug as a puppy.

I’m also clever and busy.  I like to bite things and explore.  I’m a bundle of energy that takes a lot of love, time, and patience.  The reward for your dedication to me is a special bond that will never be broken.


  1. Let’s make friends.

I like to meet other doggos and people.  It’s fun and good for me.  I heard it’s called “socialization.”  A big word for a little furry but I heard it’s important.  Don’t neglect this big word because it helps me be the brave and confident dog I was born to be.  I don’t want to be a scaredy dog.


  1. I like to strut my stuff.

I’m my own dog now.  As I get bigger, I like to test my limits.  This is just because I’m smart and testing boundaries.  I’m not a bad dog.  Be happy you gave me puppy training.  Continue to teach me how to be a good dog in this big world and I’ll make you proud of me.


  1. I am loyal.

You are the center of my world and I will always be devoted to you.  Being with you is the most important thing to me.  When you’re gone too long and say I’ve been naughty, it makes me sad because I’m trying to tell you I miss you. 


  1. I like to go.

I love it when you take me with you.  I don’t care where we go.  Exploring lots of new scents is my favorite but every walk in our neighborhood, ride in the car, or a visit with friends is a big adventure.  It is the most fun because I spend it with you.  P.S.  I prefer the hamburger place to the vet.


  1. Feed me good food.

I will eat almost anything but I feel best when you feed me food that is good for my sensitive stomach.  I have energy and feel happy when I eat right.  I don’t poop as much either.


  1. Take care of me.

I won’t always tell you when I feel bad so it’s up to you to notice. I can’t help it; it’s the way I am.  Thank you for caring when I don’t act like myself.  I don’t like going to the vet but sometimes I need help feeling better.  I also need to be protected from bad stuff out there.


  1. Let’s play.

I love to go outside to play.  Throw my balls and run around with me.  It’s all great and I love these moments with you.  The best part of my day is when you play with me.  I like to run until I’m exhausted.  Have you noticed what a good dog I am when I get lots of exercise?


  1. Teach me things.

I can do lots of things you just have to show me what to do.  I’m smart and learn fast.  I’m eager to please and like to keep my mind busy.  It burns my energy like exercise.  Those things you showed me like sit, down, shake-I can do lots more stuff.


  1. Pet me.

I love belly rubs, back scratches, and my ears rubbed.  Every time you touch me, I get the happy wiggles.  It feels so good and I know you’re thinking about me.


  1. Let me on the couch, bed and everywhere.

I love sitting next to you, sleeping in your bed, and following you everywhere.  It’s okay, right? 


  1. Remember I’m a dog.

Don’t forget I’m a dog.  I like to dig, roll in stinky mud, sniff things, and swim in the lake.  I like to chase squirrels, bark at birds, and protect my yard.  Sometimes I might eat poop.  I’m not gross.  I’m just a dog.


  1. Make life exciting.

New experiences make me happy.  New flavors, new toys, new stuff makes life exciting.  Remember that pool you bought me?  That was fun!  So was that giant ball I couldn’t destroy.   I just love to do new things!


  1. Watch over me.

Thank you for loving me enough not to leave me outside.  Thank you for keeping me warm and dry in the winter and cool and comfy in the summer.  I like to play outside but I am happiest inside where I am safe with you.


  1. Let me be brave.

I was born to protect you.  I live to do that job.  It’s the reason I’m alive.  I will watch over you every day of my life and lay down my life to defend yours.  I’m your dog.


  1. Be patient with me.

When I am old, be patient with me.  I am still the same dog but my body can no longer keep up.  I can’t hear like I used to.  My joints hurt.  I can’t always hold it till I get outside and it makes me sad.  My eyesight may be fading but my love never will.


  1. Love me till the end.

The greatest gift you can give me is to care for me to the end.  Don’t let me be alone.  I’m tired and I’m weak.  It’s my turn to be scared.  I need your help and comfort.  Thank you for loving me enough to not let me suffer.

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