19 Of The Cutest White German Shepherds

White German shepherds are something special. Their pristine white coats give them an angelic appearance but don’t let that fool you. These dogs are all German shepherd, which means they are protective, loyal, athletic, and smart.

White German shepherds are not albinos, as some mistakenly believe. Their white fur is the result of a recessive gene and although stunning, it disqualifies them from competing in the American Kennel Club conformation ring because their light color is considered a fault.

White German shepherds have all the traits of German shepherds with standard coat color, so if you love the breed and color, and don’t plan to show your dog, you should definitely consider one of the beautiful cuties! You can still obtain AKC registration as long as both parents are registered.

1. A little help, please? IG|muguet_whitegsd
2. White German shepherd-1, Football-0 IG|ghostwhitegsd
3. Adorable puppy or fluffy cloud? IG|champion_white_german_shepherd

4. Sweet as sugar IG|white_german_shepherds

5. Having fun getting that pretty fur dirty IG|white_german_shepherds_k9
6. Such a pretty, happy girl IG|ginger_the_little_dog
7. What do all dogs need at the beach? A big stick! IG|white_german_shepherd
8. Twinning is winning IG|whitegermanshepherds
9. Cuteness overload IG|socalwhiteshepherds
10. Prettiest pup in pink IG|duboisshepherds
11. Long coated beauty with her house hippo IG|nalawhitegermanshepherd
12. Downward dog perfection IG|whiteshepherdleo
13. More white, fluffy goodness IG|white_german_shepherds_of_napa
14. Shhhh, don’t wake the polar bear cub IG|white_german_shepherd_puppy
15. It’s not easy being this floofy and cute IG|whitebeasts
16. Do you have something for me? IG|h.h.whitegermanshepherds
17. Sitting like a good boi IG|white_german_shepherd_ted
18. Experienced ball destroyer IG|bowiedawg
19. White, long coated beauty IG|_white_shepherd_
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