21 Hacks That Make Dog Ownership Easier

21 Hacks That Make Dog Ownership Easier

Love spending time with your pup? Spend less time working and more time with your dog with these 21 hacks that make owning a dog easier.

1. Between vacuuming, quickly pick up the dog hair with a Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee.

2. Need to tire your dog out quicker than usual? Throw their ball downhill for a invigorating workout that will use up more energy in a shorter amount of time.

3. Use a pet hair sponge to quickly remove fur from your clothes, furniture and car.

4. Need a quick and easy dog bed? Make your dog bed out of a laundry basket.

5. Do you need to keep your dog out of the litter box? Put a cat door in the laundry room or bathroom door to keep your pup out of the poop.

6. To get stubborn pet hair out of your car’s carpet, after you vacuum, mist your carpet with 7 parts water and one part fabric softener from a spray bottle. Wait two minutes. Next, use a Pet Hair Detailer blade to remove the hair then follow up with a sweep of the vacuum.

7. Have a dog that hates taking their medicine? Next time, try hiding the pills in frozen Cool Whip. The frozen Cool Whip can be formed to cover any size and shaped of pills and it’s a lot less fat, calories, and sodium than many other options. Do NOT use sugar free.

8. Do you have a dog that likes to dig? Keep your dog out of your plants by making them their own digging beach out of a kiddy pool filled with sand.

9. Is your dog an escape artist? Keep them inside the fence with an escape prevention harness.

10. Does your dog take lots of car rides? Be prepared for anything making your dog their own tote bag filled with an extra leash/lead, towel, baby wipes, poop bags, a trash bag, paper towel, important phone numbers, medication information, a meal, and collapsible water bowl.

11. Need a cheap and interesting dog toy? Cut a hole in a tennis ball and put treats inside.

12. Want to make your own dog bed? Make a cute and easy dog bed out of a pallet, crib mattress or pillows, and sheets. Put locking coasters on the bottom and you can move it around.

13. If your dog hates to have their nails clipped, try filing them with a Dremmel tool.

14. If your dog is constantly trying to get in the front seat, make them a zip line harness attached to a body harness (not the neck).

15. Teach yourself doggy CPR, it could save your pup’s life.

16. Make cute Christmas gifts for your doggy loving friends using your dog’s paw print.

17. Safely and naturally freshen the air in your home using one part vinegar to four parts water and mist it into the air. Add pet safe essentials oils such as lemon, lavender or mint for extra fresh pleasantness.

18. Keep kibble fresh and say goodbye to pests by storing in air tight containers. Keep packaging information in case of recalls or illness. Wash container regularly to remove oils that can spoil.

19. Keep furniture clean by covering with sheets. They are easier to remove and quickly wash when you need to.

20. Got drool? Use a Magic Eraser to remove drool and nose art from floor, doors, and windows.

21. Have a picky eater? Just add some wet or homemade food to your dog’s kibble. They’ll love you for it and the extra moisture is very healthy.

We hope you find these hacks helpful. Please share them with your friends and share yours with us.

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