21 Of The Cutest German Shepherd Puppies, Ever

21 Of The Cutest German Shepherd Puppies, Ever

German shepherds are the most beautiful dogs in the world. And, when they’re puppies, they easily steal your heart because they’re the cutest things, ever. Between their ever-changing ears and their tiniest head tilts, we bet you can’t get enough of their adorableness.

All German shepherd puppies are cute so it’s hard to choose between them but here are 21 of some of the cutest that we could find. Let us know which one is your favorite and feel free to share your puppy pictures, too.

1. The chief of floofy sweetness. IG|chief.gsd.nj

2. I need a little rest, being this adorable is hard work…  IG|lola_our_gsd
3. My ear fell down but I’m still a cutie.  IG|dahian.velez
4. Why wear out those adorable puppy legs when you can be carried?  IG|von_rolke
5. Am I doing the head tilt like a big dog?   IG|thewondrouspack
6. Hearts are melting over this tiny ball of cuteness.   IG|crazzy_german_shepherd
7. I’m not a puppy, I’m a big boy now.   IG|jaludowig
8. Look into my eyes, now give me the treat…   IG|gsd.gorgeous
9. Heartbreaker in training    IG|germanshepherdklub
10. Black beauty in training.   IG|theblackgsd_nala
11. I can’t feel my tongue, brrrr...   IG|beausagoodboy
12. Do I look like a mischief maker to you?    IG|packofmischiefs
13. Who can resist this face?   IG|archiegsd49
14. There’s some big ears in my reflection.   IG|for.fits.and.giggles
15. In case you’re wondering, I’ll always be your baby…   IG|niko.kina_the_gsds
16. It’s exhausting keeping up with this much cuteness.   IG|itsmurph.eh
17. One up, one down – adorable.   IG|fur.kira
18. Double the trouble, double the love.   IG|carlosig.daily
19. Who is cuter, me or my duckie?   IG|niko.kina_the_gsds
20. The cutest helper, ever.   IG|germansherpherd1005
21. Would you wait for me to catch up?   IG|_akela_gsd_
We hope you enjoyed these sweet puppies. We know they will quickly grow into mighty German shepherd dogs but for now, enjoy their tiny sweetness because it only lasts for a little while.
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