23 Cute Sable German Shepherds

We love the sables and have searched the internet to find some of the cutest. All of them are beautiful and we wish we had room to share each one. Since that would be impossible, this is our tribute to the sable German shepherd dog.

Sables originally got their coloration from working line German shepherds. The sable color pattern, otherwise known as agouti, can be black, silver, gray, red, and tan. Each dog’s coat pattern is unique and the color is recognized by the American Kennel Club.

What sets the sables apart is the actual color pattern of their fur. Their hair has a black tip with a different color underneath, such as tan or red hair with a black tip, which gives them an ombre effect. The various coat patterns also play a role and contributes to their wolfish appearance.

We hope you enjoy these cute sable German shepherds:

1. Have a taste of this handsome Georgia peach. IG|axel_the_sable_german_shepherd

2. Try to keep up with this cutie. IG|keepin_up_with_kane
3. Sweet sable staying warm in a hat made by mom. IG|itsmaythesable
4. Cool sable enjoying the great outdoors in her shades. IG|kina_thesablegsd
5. Future man eater sporting his puppy cuteness. IG|maneating_greya_bear
6. This sable puppy doesn’t care if its Tuesday or not.   IG|koa_the_sable_german_shepherd
7. Gorgeous sable rescued from Vegas Shepherd Rescue. IG|cairo_sable_gsd
8. Beautiful working sable enjoying farm life. IG|sable_bear
9. Adventurous sable living the good life. IG|tuckthegermansheperd
10. Lovely Czech girl working hard at being a cute muzzle advocate. IG|sablehera

11. Proof that two sables are better than one. IG|loyalk9kennels
12. What is cuter than a handsome sable enjoying a car ride? Not much…IG|jackthesablegermanshepherd
13. Beautiful sable sisters enjoying ice cream. IG|madduxandmurphy.gsd
14. It’s hard working being this handsome. IG|yuki.gsd
15. All smart sables know where the food comes from.

16. Beautiful black sable coated beauty. IG|miatheblacksablegs

17. Fun loving sable saying, let’s play all day! IG|trex_dognotdino
18. I’m a sable, not a sapling. IG|ashlieghsablegsd
19. Stacking on a bench at the beach. IG|donotbitethecamera
20. Sables make the best friends. IG|rajah_nala_adventures
21. Winner, winner, wants a chicken dinner. IG|pearly_baker
22. This coated sable soaking up the sunshine is golden. IG|centennialgsd
23. Happy birthday, Alfie! IG|guntherbean
We hope you enjoyed these sable beauties. As always, please feel free to share with your friends!

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