23 Cute Show Line German Shepherds

23 Cute Show Line German Shepherds

Working line or show line, we love all German shepherds. However, there is big differences between the two that all dog lovers should be aware of before going out and getting one of these amazing dogs.

Show line German shepherds were bred to be beautiful, athletic, compete in sports, shows, and make great active family pets. The working lines were bred primarily to work, primarily in law enforcement and the military. They were bred for their bravery, endurance, and ability to perform under demanding conditions.

Show line German shepherds are also protective, active dogs but are calmer than working line shepherds. True working line German shepherds are highly energetic, need a job, have a high prey drive, and are not ideal pets for the average home.

Both lines are loyal, smart, eager to please, and have lots of energy. They each have their own character attributes that unite the lines as well as set them apart. Here we have some examples of cute show line German shepherd dogs:

1. Doesn’t get any cuter than these 3 long haired beauties IG|qorbani_._pets

2. Perfecting the stack IG|german_shepherd.bszs

3. Working it IG|procaninecenter

4. Taking a break IG|danielle11294

5. Gorgeous boy IG|mikikennel

6. The floofiest puppy award goes to… IG|schultzshepherds

7. Free kisses! IG|linc.and.sawyer.gsd

8. The sweetest friendship IG|paimenetpuuhailee

9. We’re innocent… IG|linc.and.sawyer.gsd

10. Showing off the stack IG|blackgermanshepherdturkey

11. Hanging with kitty friends IG|just.jewel.mt

12. When you’re this cute, nothing else matters IG|linc.and.sawyer.gsd

13. Sweetness playing in the snow IG|hukogermanshepherd

14. Gorgeous puppy showing off some skills IG|ohmygsds

15. Getting some exercise in IG|gsd_gisell_hanks

16. Excuse me, it’s getting cold out here… IG|saksalaisten_vedossa

17. The handsome hunk award goes to… IG|joriencanine

18. Such a pretty girl IG|vomlancegermanshepherds

19. Future big, brave dog in progress IG|dogmatic_kennels

20. Ravishing in red IG|vom_hausrising

21. It’s mine; no, its mine IG|the.gsd.a.team

22. Being this beautiful is exhausting IG|hukogermanshepherd

23. Stunning show line IG|peikkopaimen

We hope you enjoyed these show line German shepherds. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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