23 Things German Shepherds Would Say If They Could

23 Things German Shepherds Would Say If They Could

Intelligent canines, like German shepherds, communicate in many ways.  They can seemingly speak through their body language.  Handlers in tune with their dogs can read their emotions and anticipate their behavior.

Facial expressions, the position of the ears and tail, and posture all play a major role in how dogs communicate.

Using their methods of communication, they will often go further to ‘train’ their owners to perform certain tasks for them.  Their expressive faces give us clues into what they are thinking and what they want us to do. 

How often have you wished your dog could talk and wondered what they would say if they could?

We’ve come up with a list of what we’re certain German shepherds would say if they could:


  1. Scratch above my tail every time I present my butt to you.


  1. Put more food in my bowl when I bang it on the floor.


  1. Step aside while I check out every package and bag that enters the house.


  1. Stay home from work today.


  1. Better yet, take me to work with you.


  1. You’re not planning to get in the car alone, are you?


  1. I too love hotdogs.


  1. Let me help you with that.


  1. Stand back while I patrol the yard searching for danger.


  1. There is room for me on the couch and I can prove it.



  1. Let me make sure it’s safe before you open the door.


  1. Vet, what vet?


  1. I need more bitey things to chew.


  1. Can you give me more room on the bed; I’m not as comfortable as I could be.


  1. Throw my ball…again, and again, and again.


  1. You were not planning to eat that by yourself were you?


  1. There are fuzzy interlopers in our trees.


  1. It makes me happy when you clean up my poop.


  1. I don’t know why you bother trying to hide anything from me.


  1. I can do everything better than you.


  1. I missed you so much.


  1. Don’t worry, I’ve got this.


  1. I love you, you are my world.

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