29 Of The Cutest German Shepherd Mixes On The Internet

29 Of The Cutest German Shepherd Mixes On The Internet

Pure bred German shepherds are elite in the dog world. They are known for their beauty, intelligence, and athleticism. Hard working and easily trainable, they can easily fill many roles. They’re also extremely loyal and make excellent four-legged companions-they truly become best friends with their owners.

When mixed with other breeds, some of their best traits and strengths are often passed along. These mixes also make awesome dogs and shouldn’t be overlooked when looking to adopt or rescue a German shepherd.

In fact, some mixes may even make better family pets than a pure-bred dog, depending on the breed they’re mixed with and the family they live with. For example, a mixed shepherd might require a little less exercise than a highly driven working German shepherd or will be a little more mellow yet playful pet while retaining some of the awesome traits of the German shepherd dog.

In appreciation of these amazing mixes, we’ve scoured the internet and picked some of our favorites below:

1. Aussie, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Husky


This mix would create a very smart, active, dog that loves the outdoors. All these breeds have lots of energy and love to have a job and are also very playful. No doubt this mix is the life of the party and enjoys a good time.

2. German shepherd, Labrador and Border Collie


Another mix of working dogs that certainly would excel at any job given. Would probably be equally happy living on a ranch or with a family as long as she got plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. This dog is absolutely not a couch potato but must get plenty of daily exercise and attention.

3. German Shepherd and Husky - Shepsky


Both German shepherds and huskies are very smart and energetic. They love activity and need to be busy. They’re also very loving and make excellent active, family companions. Both these breeds also require lots of grooming and will shed year round.

4. German Shepherd and Burmese Mountain Dog – Sheparnese


These two powerful breeds live to please their owners. Loving, loyal, and active, they are a delight to own. Both are intelligent and regal. Truly it’s a lucky owner who gets to call one their friend.

5. German Shepherd and Pit Bull – German Sheppit


German shepherds and pit bulls are courageous, protective, and intelligent dogs. Both need socialization and lots of love but make wonderful family pets. Some other qualities both breeds have in common are that they are both loyal and very trainable and love to play games.

6. German Shepherd and Welsh Corgi – Corman Shepherd

The German Shepherd and Corgi are both herding dogs. Corgi’s are known to be big dogs in small packages so this mix is sure to pack a punch. Both breeds are quick and agile and love to do a job. Both breeds are protective and very loyal to their family.

7. Twice the rescued mixed love – Shep2love

It’s hard to tell exactly what these two rescued beauties are mixed with but certainly they are full of love and have happily adapted to their home.

8. German Shepherd and Rottweiler - Shepweiller


The German shepherd and the Rottweiler are both powerful, protective dogs. This mix will require lots of socialization, training and strong leadership but with that, will grow into an amazing, loyal companion that will also be gorgeous to look at.

9. German Shepherd and Hound - Shephound

Hounds love to use their noses, as do German shepherds. This mix would excel at scent work or barn sports but also make a great pet. Both hounds and shepherds are smart and active dogs so this mix would also be up for lots of fun adventures.

10. German Shepherd Mixed With Floofyness - Shepfloofer

Another fluffy unknown mix that just goes to show how versatile and adorable German shepherd mixes can be. This one is active, loves to hike, and to be right alongside their owner no matter what’s going on.

11. German Shepherd and Akita – Shepkita

Both the German shepherd and Akita are both active, naturally protective dogs. Both can be leery of strangers but some Akita’s are known to be intolerant of other animals. Both require lots of grooming, human companionship, love, and a strong pack leader.

12. German Shepherd and a Cute Mystery Breed - Mysshep

Another outdoorsy German shepherd mix that is super cute and active. This mix appears very smart and curious, a strong trait in the German shepherd breed.

13. German Shepherd Mixed with a Belgium Breed - Belshep

Not sure what this beautiful dog is mixed with but it lives in Belgium with a rescued street dog mix. This one is tall and lanky with the markings of a German Shepherd. It’s a gorgeous dog that appears very regal.

14. 10-Year-Old German Shepherd Mix - Goldman

This mix has taken one more of the appearance of what it’s mixed with rather than a German shepherd but he is beautiful and if you look at his profile, he loves relaxing at home with the family.

15. German Shepherd and Mastiff – Mastiff Shepherd

A German shepherd mixed with a mastiff equals one large dog that will be as naturally protective as it is loving. Since both breeds can be leery of strangers, this powerful mix would require lots of socialization. It would also need lots of training due to its size but could grow up to be a very loyal and loving family pet.

16. German Shepherd mixed with red puppy - Shepfox

This cinnamon spice mix is simply adorable and has many qualities of the German shepherd and looks a little like a fox.

17. German Shepherd Mix growing up-look at those sheppy ears!

One of the qualities of the German shepherd is their huge ears. When placed atop the head of a mixed breed, they take on a life of their own and add a lot of character. Add the head tilt and you’ve got some classic German shepherd dog traits.

18. German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees – Germanees

The Great Pyrenees is also a working dog known for its calm demeanor but protective nature. This mix would create a naturally yet protective watch dog that would be completely devoted to its family.

19. German Shepherd and Weimaraner - Weimshepherd

Both German shepherds and weimaraners enjoy lots of exercise and are very active. They love to run and play and then relax as the center of attention of their family. Both are smart, trainable, and love pleasing their owners.

20. German Shepherd and Adorableness - Shepcutie

This mix is super adorable and loves the outdoors. It’s also very fluffy and would obviously require lots of grooming. The keen facial expression gives a hint that both breeds are smart and curious. Just have got to wonder what Harry’s roots are. A DNA test would be so much fun.

21. German Shepherd and Golden Retriever – Golden Shepherd

Both Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are intelligent working dogs. Both can be trained to do many jobs, including search and rescue and obedience, and competition. This mix would be smart, strong, playful, and have a lot of endurance. The perfect dog for an active family or for a serious job.

22. German Shepherd and Pug - Shug

This curious combo is just adorable. Pugs are playful and funny so certainly a pug shepherd would be, too. Pugs are also known to be very loving and very adaptable so this mix would probably fit in just about anywhere.

23. German Shepherd and Chow - Sheprachow


Both German shepherds and Chow Chow’s are super smart dogs. Both can be aloof with strangers but very loving with their family. Chow’s don’t require as much exercise as a German shepherd and are also easily trainable.

24. German Shepherd and Lab - German Sheprador


Labradors and German shepherds both make active, family companions. Both breeds enjoy the outdoors, playing, and are up for all sorts of adventures. You really can’t go wrong with this mix and might even get a water lover out of the deal.

25. German Shepherd and Poodle – Shepherdoodle

A combo of two of the smartest breeds, the German shepherd mixed with a poodle is a dog genius. This mix is known to be outgoing and full of fun. Both breeds do require grooming but poodles don’t shed as much as German Shepherds.

26. German Shepherd and Malinois - Malinois X


Two rock stars in the working dog world, the German Shepherd and Malinois mix is a firecracker. Protective, fierce, brave, loyal, active, smart, and eager to work are just a few of the adjectives that describe them. This mix needs lots of exercise and activities to thrive but if a busy working dog is what you need, this mix might be perfect.

27. German Shepherd and Doberman – Doberman Shepherd

Another powerful and smart combo, the German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher are noble in the dog world and very protective of their family. Fun and playful, this mix loves their humans but takes their job of guardian very seriously.

28. German Shepherd and Springer Spaniel – Spanierd

Springer spaniels are super loveable but they are also mighty hunters. Mixed with a German Shepherd, you have a dog that lives to please its owner and loves the great outdoors as well as being a snuggle buddy content to watch some television from the comfy couch.

29. German Shepherd and Sheltie – Sheltie Shepherd


This adorable mix is too sweet for words. Super cute yet rugged, both breeds are herding dogs. Both breeds are known for their intelligence, ability to train, love of agility, athleticism, and playful natures.

We hope you enjoyed some of these amazing mixed breed dogs. Please feel free to pass this along to your family and friends. And, we’d love for you to share your German Shepherd mixes with us!

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