5 Effective Tips For Training Your Dog

Sometimes we can use as many tips for training as we can get our hands on. Here are a few to help you out along the way: 

  1. Listen to what your dog has to say. Learn to listen to and watch your dog. If your dog is sniffing around or standing next to the door, try to understand that your dog probably needs to go outside. If your dog seems to be afraid of someone or something, don’t insist that your dog goes near it. Listen to and watch your dog.
  2. Tell your dog exactly what you want it to do. Don’t just generalize. Simply telling your dog “no” doesn’t tell your dog what it is doing wrong, and it can quickly confuse your poor pup. If your dog is on the couch, where it’s not supposed to be, and you say “no,” your dog is going to have no idea what you want. Instead, tell your dog “off” or “down” in order to tell your dog exactly what you want.
  3. Give plenty of praise. It is very simple to scold your dog when they are doing badly, but it is even more important to give your dog plenty of praise when they do well. If your dog goes pee outside or lays on her/his own bed instead of the couch, be sure to give your dog love, affection, and treats with plenty of praise.
  4. Be Consistent. Once you set rules for your pup, follow them consistently. It is important to not change the name of the game on your pup halfway through training. If you do, it will only confuse your pup and make training that much harder on both you and your dog.
  5. Bribery vs. Reward. Some have difficulty understanding the difference between bribery and reward. If your dog is providing an action, and that is why the dog is getting the treat, then you are okay. Just remember, that the behavior should be the result of the treat; the treat should not be the result of the behavior.

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