5 German Shepherd Heroes Who Lived To Tell About It

5 German Shepherd Heroes Who Lived To Tell About It

The world is full of heartbreaking stories about German shepherds who sacrificed their lives to save their owner or in service to their country. They deserve to be honored for their bravery, courage, and loyalty and we give them our utmost respect. We are forever in their debt for paying the ultimate price.

But there are also many German shepherds that each day put their life on the line to keep their owners and the public safe. These amazing dogs are also heroes and we want to recognize them, while still living life, doing what they love.

Here are some of their amazing stories:

1. Rex was shot 3 times while protecting his teenage owner

A dog named Rex was shot three times while protecting a 16-year-old family member during a home invasion. Rex and Javier were home alone when two thieves broke into their Des Moines, Washington home. While Javier hid in a closet calling police, Rex confronted the thieves. After a confrontation, ultimately the thieves shot Rex three times as he tried to protect his home. He was rushed to the vet and after extension care, Rex the hero survived.

Photo Credit: Twitter/DavidRoseQ13FOX

2. K9 Finn saves officers life despite being stabbed with a hunting knife.

Finn was a seasoned K9 officer with over 200 arrests over 7 years to his credit when one night he proved to be more than a good officer. Dave Wardell and Finn were in pursuit of a 16-year-old armed robbery suspect who appeared to be carrying a metal pipe. Finn caught up with the suspect and took him down as he was trained to do. However, this was not an ordinary arrest. Officer Wardell then saw the suspect pull a 10” long hunting knife from Finn’s chest. The suspect then stabbed Wardell in the hand and despite his injuries, Finn stopped him by pinning him to the ground. Despite massive blood loss and a punctured lung, Finn survived his injuries after emergency surgery.

Photo Credit: PA

3. Haus a rescued German shepherd saved his 7-year-old family member from a snake bite

Two months after his rescue, Haus was playing in the backyard of his new home in Tampa, Florida with little Molly. Molly’s grandmother noticed Haus had started jumping and snapping at something near Molly in the yard. When she walked out, she saw an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Sensing danger, Haus positioned himself between the snake and the little girl and tried to drive it away. The snake bit Haus three times in the leg, causing life threatening injuries. After spending about a week in the ICU, brave Haus made a full recovery.

Photo Credit: Donya DeLuca

4. Retired police K9 saves toddlers trapped in a house fire

Maxx, a retired police K9, was living with his family in Longwood, Florida when there was an explosion at the family home. Flames quickly spread in the home of Margo and Brent Feaser, who had two young children. Neighbors were able to help Margo and Brent escape from the house but the children were still inside. Due to extensive smoke and flames, firefighters were having trouble finding the children when Maxx helped the firefighters locate them. The home was destroyed but thanks to Maxx the family is alive. Maxx suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns.

5. K9 Blek refuses to leave his officer’s side despite his own injuries

When Blek and his partner, Lt Eric Eslary, were involved in a fatal head-on collision with a wrong-way van on U.S. Route 30 in Pennsylvania, Blek did what he was trained to do; He stayed right by the side of Officer Eslary, protecting him, despite being seriously injured himself. Blek was so determined to protect Officer Eslary that the department had to call the officer’s wife, Mary, to the scene to coax Blek away from Eslary. Sadly, the police officer died from his injuries but Blek received emergency surgery and eventually regained the use of his back legs.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK

These are just a few stories that are example of how brave and heroic German shepherds are. There truly is not another dog with their heart, love, and commitment toward those they love. For those of us lucky enough to own one, we should never forget the gift they are to us.

Please pass along these amazing hero stories to your friends.

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