5 Vet Approved Home Remedies For German Shepherds

5 Vet Approved Home Remedies For German Shepherds

1: Rubbing Alcohol: You probably know rubbing alcohol is great for disinfecting wounds, but did you know it can save your dog's life? Heat stroke is a big problem during summer for double coated, cold hardy dogs like German Shepherds. If you notice that your GSD is showing signs typical of heat exhaustion/stroke such as vomiting, dizziness, elevated heart rate, excessive panting and drooling, or a temperature over 103; reach for the rubbing alcohol. Running cold water over your dog's stomach and sides will help, but alcohol is more efficient. Alcohol evaporates quicker than water and that accelerates the cooling process.


2: Vitamin E Oil: You've probably seen the capsules for oral consumption at your local pharmacy. But it can be used topically to treat dry, itchy skin. If you can't find a bottle of Vitamin E Oil locally, you can look online, or even break open capsules and massage it into the skin for a veterinarian approved at home remedy.


3: Oatmeal: Oatmeal can help provide relief for severely dry skin and hotspots as a spot treatment. Oatmeal contains chemicals called avenanthramides and phenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties. If you grind oatmeal into a fine powder and mix with water to create a paste, you can apply it directly to the affected area as a drying agent for instant relief.


4: Epsom Salt: Epsom Salts are mostly used for sore muscles and joints, but they can also be used to treat wounds. They have anti-inflammatory properties making them a good topical agent for soaking and cleaning abscesses. “They cause abscesses to open and drain, relieving pressure in the wound and allowing healing. We use these a lot for soaking feet of horses and also dogs with inter-digital sores." - Dr. Judy Morgan


5: Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and Dishwashing Solution: This may sound like the beginning of a middle school science project, but these 3 ingredients combined make one of the best deodorizers for dogs who've been skunked that you've ever seen (or smelled). Mix four cups of hydrogen peroxide with one-third cup baking soda and a small squirt of dishwashing liquid. Apply it liberally to your pet’s coat. Rinse well after about five minutes and repeat if necessary. No more tomato sauce!


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