6 Cool And Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

6 Cool And Easy TricksTo Teach Your Dog

We all love to teach our dogs new things. It is especially rewarding when your four-legged friend can learn a trick that is really cool or that you don’t see often. Here are six easy tricks to teach your dog.

1. Salute. This trick is fun and easy and can even be respectful. To do this, simply place a sticky note above your dog’s brow. When your dog reaches to take the sticky note off, say “salute” and give your dog a treat. Soon your dog won’t even need the sticky note!

2. Walk Backwards. This one is fun and easy as well. Simply have your dog stand in front of you. Hold a treat above his/her head and give your chosen verbal command. Then slowly walk forward, urging your dog to follow the treat backwards. If your dog does it correctly, reward him/her with the treat. It can take some practice, but it’s really adorable once they learn it, and it can protect your dog in certain situations.

3. Shake. For this one, simply lift your dog’s paw into your hand and gently shake it while giving the verbal command. After a few times of doing this, give the verbal command. It may take a while, but eventually your dog will catch on that you want his/her paw and will give it gladly for a treat.

4. Bow. Getting your dog to bow may sound complicated, but the truth is that bowing is actually pretty natural for dogs. Dogs often bow when stretching, and they also play bow with their canine friends. This works really well if your dog already knows “lie down” as the dog will then understand that this is not the same command. Simply tell your dog to “bow” and place the treat just beneath their chest. This may take a while, as most dogs will simply walk backwards to get the treat. With enough practice your dog will try an actual “bow” and that is when you hand over the treat. The dog will then repeat that action in order to receive another treat.

5. Play Dead. If your dog already knows how to roll over, this one is a cinch. For this one, you can choose to either use your hand as a gun with the verbal command “bang,” or you can simply give a “play dead” verbal command. Give your verbal command, and then, using a treat, get your dog to roll over on their back and hold it. Once your dog has held it, give them a treat. With a little practice you’ll have your dog dropping to the floor and you’ll have your friends in awe.

6. Kiss. Not everyone is a fan of getting doggy kisses, but for those who are, this is a great one to teach your dog. Simply place a small treat against your cheek and give the verbal command “kiss.” Once they do, give them the treat. Soon you won’t need the treat and you will be able to get all the kisses you want.

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