7 Tips To Minimize Dog Hair And Keep Your Home Clean

7 Tips To Minimize Dog Hair And Keep Your Home Clean

There is a reason they have earned the nickname, German Shedders, so if you don’t want to deal with a dog that sheds, German shepherds are not for you.  Fans of this lovable breed know they are worth each and every furnado that goes tumbling through the house, and there are ways to minimize the dog hair and keep your home clean.

Why Do German Shepherds Shed?

German shepherds have a dense double coat.  They have a medium length thick outer coat with hair that lies close to the body.  Underneath that, they have a downy undercoat.  Both coats shed year-round so owners deal with plenty of loose straight strands as well as cottony fluffs that waft through the air when vacuumed.

They have two cycles of abundant shedding every year, once in the summer and once in the winter.  This mass shed is referred to as “blowing their coat.”  When they blow their coat, their fur seems to find its way into the most unbelievable places.

How to Minimize the Dog Hair and Keep your Home Clean

Despite this constant shedding, there are some things you can do help to tame the shed beast.  To help minimize the dog hair and keep your home clean, follow these tips:

  1.  Brush your dog every day or two. There is no escaping it.  To minimize the amount of pet hair in your home, German shepherds must be brushed often.  Schedule time to brush your dog just like any other chore.  After about month, you should see a huge improvement in the amount of loose hair you have to clean up.  Plus, you will have enjoyed more time with your furry buddy so it’s a win-win. 
  1. Invest in good grooming tools. Everyone has their favorite tools for keeping their German shepherd’s coat beautiful but also look for tools that will make grooming easier.  A soft pin brush to loosen fur, an undercoat deshedding brush, a slicker brush, undercoat rake, a deshedding blade, and deshedding gloves are our favorite go to items.

  2. Invest in a professional groomer. Most German shepherds don’t need frequent baths but professional grooming is great for getting rid of loose pet hair, especially when they blow their coat.  Be sure you find a trustworthy groomer that uses natural, gentle products that won’t strip natural oils or irritate sensitive skin.  If you prefer not to use a groomer, high quality shampoo, conditioner, and a bath brush will help get rid of loose hair. 
  1. Feed a nutritious diet. German shepherds are notorious for their sensitive skin.  A groomed coat and proper nutrition helps keep skin healthy.  A nutritious diet should protect and feed the skin and coat and contain absorbable nutrients as well as omega 3’s such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).  Healthy dogs should not experience sudden coat changes, excessive shedding, or unexplained skin and coat dryness.  Regular grooming will help you keep your house cleaner and identify potential health problems. 
  1. Buy a powerful vacuum. Invest in a good vacuum with attachment tools that are actually convenient to use.  Frequent, quick vacuuming goes a long way to minimizing pet hair and keeps your home cleaner.  Another positive, it will also help eliminate allergens that can affect you and your dog. 
  1. Use throw rugs and furniture covers. Buy throw rugs that are easy to wash or vacuum because they attract pet hair from hardwood, tile, and from your shoes.  Easy to clean furniture covers help prevent pet hair from finding its way under every cushion and crevice. 
  1. Buy easy to wash bedding. German shepherds love to be close to their humans and often wiggle their way into the bed.  You can make life cleaner and easier by using washable bed spreads and cotton linens.  Change them often to help prevent pet hair buildup in your washing machine and dryer.  If your furry friend sleeps in a dog bed, make sure it has a removable cover that can easily be cleaned.

 Have a favorite cleaning tip that we missed?  Please share with the rest of us!

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