21 Gorgeous Working Line German Shepherds

21 Gorgeous Working Line German Shepherds

Working line German shepherds, we love them for their intelligence, courage, and strength. Loyal and brave, they never stop protecting, serving, and loving. They pour their whole hearts into whatever they do whether it’s sniffing out bombs on the battlefield or competing in dog sports.

This fine working dog line deserves our respect and admiration. They’re responsible for saving countless lives and making the best friends and companions. We wish we could share pictures of them all but since we can’t, here are 21 gorgeous working line German shepherds for your viewing pleasure:

1. Canadian beauty IG|wendelin_kennel

2. Taking a break IG|gsd_working_line

3. Future bad a$$ in training IG|rexthedarksablegsd 
4. 5 month old beauty in training IG| pdeniz68

5. Czech black sable enjoying the sun IG|ze_svobody_viski

6. Playing Tug IG| ysabeauthegsd 
7. Intense focus on these tough dogs IG| toughdogsk9
8. Magnificent wolf pack IG|wolves_of_michina
9. Black beauties IG|blackgsdlove
10. Perfecting the stack IG|krazy.kasi
11. Working hard in the desert IG|contagion.k9s
12. So serious on his first birthday IG|allsfahrenloveandwar
13. Spectacular sable IG|wolvesden_kennel
14. Just try to take it IG|thefudgepack
15. One of these things is not like the others IG|thefudgepack
16. This fence confining me is only an illusion IG|vonaltermeisterk9
17. Picture perfect perfection IG|gsd_tales
18. Twinning is winning IG|jankkux
19. Taking titles, taking names IG|blackgsdlove
20. That tongue though IG|5ogramcic
21. Not everyone is impressed with this adorable puppy… IG|jake_gsd2019

We hope you enjoyed these images of gorgeous working line German shepherds. We wish we had room to feature the all beautiful dogs in the world. Please feel free to share your dogs with us on Facebook and as always, share this with your friends.

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