How To Bathe A Dog That Hates Baths

How To Bath A Dog That Hates Baths

Lucky dog owners have pets that love taking a bath or at least tolerate it. The rest of you have to suffer though the battle of wills to accomplish what could be, such a simple pleasure. For those owners whose dog would rather endure the stink than a dunk in the tub, here are 7 tips to make bath time fun again.


  1. Practice makes perfect: Put your pet in the tub without water. Make it a game and give her treats. Do this many times until she becomes tolerant of the tub. It may take some time but will be worth it.


  1. Prepare yourself: Don’t expect bath time to be neat and tidy. Wear your grubby clothes and bring a pile of towels with you. The less stress you feel, the less your dog will feel. Have everything ready before your dog enters the tub- towels, shampoo, shampoo brush, brush, treats, and a rinse cup should be within reach. Fill the tub with warm water. Some dog’s fear the bath because they slip. Use a non-skid mat and see if it helps. Close the door behind you!


  1. Brush: Remove your dog’s collar and quickly brush to loosen and remove hair.


  1. Lather up!: Wet your dog then lather up with dog shampoo. A shampoo brush makes it go faster and some dogs enjoy how it feels. Start shampooing at the shoulders and move out from there, being extra gentle around her face and any sensitive areas.


  1. Rinse and repeat: Use a detachable showerhead or large cup to rinse your dog. Pay careful attention to her chest, belly, neck, and under her tail. Try using a conditioner if things are going well!


  1. Dry: Towel dry as best as you possibly can. If the weather is warm, go outside in the sun. Be sure to praise her over and over for being such a good dog! If it’s cold outside, allow your dog to shake in the shower or behind a shower curtain. By now the bathroom is a huge mess anyway so if that doesn’t work out, at least the dog is squeaky clean. Use a blow dryer set on low if she’ll tolerate it.


  1. Brush: Brush your dog once again and you’re done!

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