How to Make a First Aid Kit For Dogs

Every dog owner needs an emergency first aid kit for their dog and while there are many pre-assembled kits available, making your own will ensure your kit contains everything you need. 

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and a pre-assembled kit that may work well for one dog, may be inadequate for another. Making your own is the perfect solution-especially in multi dog households. 

Along with the following items, be sure to include your pet’s medications and supplements (or at minimum a list of them with dosage requirements). During an emergency, you will have the information at your fingertips, in case you’re not at your usual vet’s office. 

First, pick out a sturdy box that is easy to carry and waterproof.   Got your case? Awesome! Now you can fill it up with the basic items you’ll need for your first aid kit for dogs! 

  1. A Dog First Aid Book that contains CPR instructions
  2. Emergency contact numbers for your vet
  3. Address for the emergency pet hospital and directions to get there
  4. Copies of your dog’s shot records.
  5. Slant end tweezers.
  6. Bandage scissors
  7. Toenail trimmer
  8. Gloves
  9. Bulb syringe, to flush wounds
  10. Eye dropper, to flush wounds or administer fluid by mouth
  11. Measuring spoons for medicines and a pill cutter
  12. Rectal thermometer
  13. Flashlight
  14. Matches, to disinfect
  15. Blanket
  16. Towels
  17. Wash clothes/baby wipes
  18. Ice packs
  19. Heat packs
  20. Cotton balls
  21. Gauze pads of various sizes
  22. Self-sticking bandage or Vet Wrap (the kind that doesn’t stick to fur)
  23. Telfa pads in various sizes
  24. First Aid Tape – 1-inch paper tape that tears easily
  25. Conforming bandage wrap (Vet wrap)
  26. Disinfectant 28. Wound spray
  27. Hydrogen peroxide
  28. Antibacterial wipes
  29. Saline solution
  30. Sterile eye wash
  31. Ear wash
  32. Skin and paw cream
  33. Petroleum jelly
  34. Quick Clot to stop bleeding
  35. Antihistamine – such as Benadryl, consult your vet for the proper dosage
  36. Pain reliever – consult with your vet
  37. A muzzle and a large triangular cloth to use as an extra muzzle.
  38. Extra leash
  39. Dog food
  40. Water – for cleaning wounds and drinking
  41. Tick remover tool
  42. Ear wash
  43. Antibacterial cream
  44. Any specialized items, for diabetic dogs, etc.
  45. Tourniquet
  46. Snake bite kit

You can be even more prepared by taking a first aid for dogs class. Contact your local Red Cross or vet for information.