How to Protect Your Dogs Dry Winter Skin and Coat

Central heat and dry winter air can wreak havoc on our dog’s skin and coat. Just like people, dogs can suffer from dry, red, itchy, irritated winter skin conditions. 


Unlike us, dogs can’t slather on the moisturizing lotion, so we need to give them a helping hand in order to keep their skin and coat healthy during the winter time.


Oils Relieve Dry, Itchy Winter Skin


You can tell if your dog is suffering from dry skin by examining their skin and coat. If you part your dog’s fur and see dry flakes and your touch typically sends your otherwise healthy dog into a scratchy frenzy, it is probably just dry skin.


Healthy skin is not only more comfortable for your dog (and you since you won’t have to listen to the scratching all night), it can also help protect your dog from infections and sores that can result from scratching. Any open area on a dog’s skin is a gateway for bacteria so keeping your dog’s skin moisturized is important to their overall health and wellbeing.


One of the best ways to treat dry, itchy winter skin problems is to supplement your dog’s diet with a healthy oil.  The best oils for supplementing are not only affordable, but readily available at nearly all supermarkets, health food stores, and retail super stores that have pharmacies.


Both olive oil and coconut oil are two of the healthiest oils for your dog inside and out. These oils will help keep your dog’s skin in healthy condition and keep the coat looking shiny and beautiful.


Supplementing olive oil for dogs


When purchasing olive oil, look for cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil used for cooking. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and phytonutrients. Olive oil is a healthy supplement for your dog that can promote a healthy weight, promotes brain health, protect the heart, helps prevent cancer, boosts the immune system, improves energy, is an excellent antioxidant and great for the skin and coat.


You can supplement your dog’s meals by adding the following to food: 1/2 tsp a day 10 – 20 lb dog 1 tsp a day a 25-35 lbs dog 1.5 tsp a day for a 40-50 lbs dog 2 tsp a day for a 55 – 65 lb dog 2.5 tsp a day for a 75 – 85 lb dog Up to 3 tsp (1 tablespoon) a day for dogs 90-100 lb


Supplementing coconut oil for dogs


When purchasing coconut oil, look for organic, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil is also a healthy supplement and is full of antioxidants, helps kill viruses and bacteria, supports metabolism, promotes brain, bone and digestive health, supports a healthy immune system, helps heal dry skin conditions such as eczema, skin allergies, helps relieve itchy skin, treats yeast and fungal infections, heals cuts, bites and stings, and is a natural deodorizer.


Supplement 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily.


Feeding tips


As with any new food or supplement, it is best if you start with a lower dose to see how they tolerate the oils in their diet. 


You can alternate coconut oil and olive oil and mix directly into your dog’s food. An excellent way to boost your dog’s nutrition is to mix a dash of cinnamon and turmeric to the oil and mix into their food.


Topical use


You can mix coconut oil or olive oil into soap free pet shampoos to deliver an extra soothing scrumptious smelling bath or rub into your palms and apply to skin and coat.