Living With Your Turbo Charged Dog

Living with a turbo charged dog has its challenges.  Their behavior and antics can be deliriously funny, hair rising, and nerve rattling all at the same time.

There is one thing that all turbo charged dog lovers have in common and that is: Life is never boring when your dog is high octane. While sharing your life with a fuel filled, energy machine can be exciting; there are times when it can be pretty stressful. Like when you have a bad case of the stomach flu and your turbomatic is insisting on a power walk. 

There really is nothing quite the same as a bored, turbo charged dog having a turbo sized temper tantrum while you’re stuck in the bathroom.

Understanding your High Energy Dog

But for the rest of the time, getting along with a high energy dog is simply a matter of understanding the breed, inherent traits for which they were bred, personality, and their need for exercise and mental challenges. For instance, once you understand why your German Shepherd herds your company, your lab loves to escape to the local pond, and why your Jack Russell loves to dig, you’ll be well on your way to canine bliss.

Embrace the Breed Challenge

The best way to enjoy such a dog is to bring out the best of your breed in a positive and fun way while meeting their need for speed. The key to managing your turbo charged dog is to funnel his loads of energy into productive behaviors, obedience, sports, tricks, or other training to give him both mental and physical stimulation all the while discouraging unwanted behaviors and working on eliminating any bad habits.

High Energy Dog Groups

High energy dogs are typically working dogs bred by farmers, ranchers and hunters for their keen working ability, athleticism and intelligence.  The majority of herding dogs, retrievers, hounds, and terriers come from this stock and fall into the turbo charged category. These dogs have lots of energy, high drive, stamina, courage, persistence, and intelligence. The same exact qualities that make them dynamic working dogs are the same qualities that eliminate them from the couch potato list.