These 35 Online Dating Profiles For German Shepherds Will Make You Wish It Was A Real Thing

These 35 Online Dating Profiles For German Shepherds Will Make You Wish It Was A Real Thing

The German shepherd’s credo is, “work hard, play harder” as these dating profiles show. Cool GSD’s know what it takes to get a date online these days and here they are showing off their best selfies.

But don’t bother pursuing these profiles unless you’re familiar with doggo dating 101: No butt sniffing until you’ve been given permission, no fleas, worms or kennel cough, and must be up to date on shots. Some doggy breath ok.

These dogs are looking for more than tail chasing so if you’re not down, go back to the dog park.

All profiles from German Shepherd Talk and the German Shepherd Shop on Facebook. Thank you for all your great responses. We got so many we could not include them all!

1. I may be young but I’m mighty fine.

“My name is Coda and I'm almost 5 months old. I hope I grow into my ears!”

Owned by Chris Madland
Owned by Chris Madland

2. What’s this cutie doing here?! Somebody call the pawlice…

“My name is Harley and my dad says I’m not allowed to date..”

Owned by Joseph Allen

3. If you’re into serious fun.

“My name is Bailee. I'm always happy to share my chewy with you. Love to play bowling with the cat. And mild addiction to tennis balls.”

Owned by Suzi Schauger

4. If you like swimming and romantic evenings at home.

“My name is Luke. I love to play catch, chase my tail, & swim in my pond! Other than that I like quiet nights in!”

Owned by Cyndi Goetz Clark

5. No double dating allowed.

“I am Hiedi I am always aware of my surroundings. I like playing ball and enjoy snacks. I love my human so stay away from her.”

Owned by Trisha Lock

6. If you love an irresistible smile, Riley is your guy.

My Name is Riley. I believe smiles are contagious.

Owned by Amy Zell

7. If you love romantic walks on the beach, I’m your girl.

Hi, name is Lexi. I’m a beach girl at heart.

Owned by Carol Hruska

8. Romantic fires, fun, and goats, we can have it all.

“My name is Ida and I like sitting in front of a romantic fire, running, trying to play with my goat buddies.”

Owned by Tara Holmes Beiby

9. Long hair is a plus.

“Bella here! I love camping, hiking, swimming in the river. Hiding bones chasing squirrels. I love long hair Shepherds just saying.”

Owned by Dar A Hargroves

10. One hunky family guy seeking companionship.

“My name is Spike and I love to eat, play fight with my Papa, run around the backyard while my Papa chases me and go boating with my family!!!”

Owned by Peace Feliciano Valle

11. Looking for girls who appreciate beauty over brains and a good snuggle.

“Daft as a brush, but, loving and cuddly.”

Owned by Bob Oakley

12. In search of a canine who loves adventures on the water and picnics.

“My name is Maisie! I like boat rides and frolicking in the grass.”

Owned by Jessica Blume-Jensen

13. If you like long hikes in the woods and yummy treats, call me.

“My name is Toby. I like long hikes along the stream, playing catch and enjoy lots of treats!”

Owned by Jessica Lynn

14. If you like riding in the backseat, we’d be perfect together.

“My name is Shadow. I LOVE going for car rides. But I ALWAYS get the front seat!”

Owned by Amy Combs Pink

15. I have a gorgeous smile and a courageous spirit.

“Great sense of humour (I know I'm sitting funny but I have degenerative myelopathy...doesn't make me less cute and lovable!).”

Owned by Lulu Richer

16. Looking for an active partner to play on my agility course with.

“My name is Major. I love car rides, hiking, going to the park and spending time with my human.”

Owned by Linda Schine

17. Sexy beast loves the couch and a good movie.

"I like lazy nights on the sofa"

Owned by Gavin Powney

18. If you’re looking for a Velcro partner, I’d be perfect.

“My name is Strider and I don’t like personal space.”

Owned by Kelly Ann Rhoads

19. Fun loving, playful type.

“Hi! My name is Minnie., and I like to play outside.”

Owned by Argelia Najera Cardena

20. Handsome and brave and playful, I have it all.

“My name is Max. I came to the US from Germany, I’m 15 months old. I love to play, but mostly like to protect my family! I would have been a great police dog!”

Owned by Julie Silveira Buress

21. If you love sleeps and treats, we’d be perfect together.

“My name is Benji. I’m 9 months old and I sleep most of the day. Sometimes I get up to eat. Treat for trick!”

Owned by Mario Guadalupe

22. I’m looking for a girl who likes to keep all four on the floor.

“My name is Poe. Likes tennis balls, squeaky toys, treats and cuddles. Dislikes catching balls in the air and when my feline siblings won’t play with me.”

Owned by Emily Hawbaker

23. Working girl looking for GSD.

“I'm Rosie. 1 year old. I work security, and as a alarm clock. I give comfort to my mom, and dad. Looking good takes time. I go running, and get brushed each day.”

Owned by Tammy Reints

24. Looking for a princess who enjoys her beauty sleep?

“I’m Maya and am a year old and love to be with my daddy! I love to play and while he’s working I have my own bedroom where I can watch for him to come home:) I love my beauty naps and also going in my dad’s truck with him.”

Owned by Rhonda Rhodes Rodriguez

25. Gentle giant looking for love and snuggles.

“Hi I am Gus. I am 13 months old and weigh 120 pounds so prefer a large sized gal. I like to lean in and be touched and am a very gentle soul. I will never hurt you or cause you pain.”

Owned by Jenifer Hanson Klein

26. This player doesn’t share so bring your own ball.

“1 year old GSD seek similar aged female for constant fun. Must like to play ball, sleep and eat. Must have a good sense of humor and not take yourself to serious. I like to be outdoors walking a lot and chasing birdies, bark at strangers and poop every chance I get. Ps must have own ball as this one is mine.”

Owned by Joe Todd

27. Don’t bother if you’re not into belly rubs.

“Looking for a soul mate who loves chilling on the sofa and getting belly rubs after long walks and stick chasing ❤Yes she's a bit of a hussy.”

Owned by Dee Suckling

28. If you like walking in the sunset and skinny dipping, check out my profile.

“Aleu is single and ready to mingle. Country girl that loves watching sunsets, barking at cows, and skinny dipping in the creek. Hit her up for a barking good time!”

Owned by Ashlee Hawkes

29. If you have good hips, let’s eat.

“Looking for a partner with good hips 😉 strong sense of adventure , willing to play ball constantly , very active , likes to eat (don’t need any finicky chicks who pretend they’re not hungry) and will be loyal to the end.”

Owned by Michelle Mannato Jones

30. If you like to chew a good stick while the sun goes down, swipe left.

“Single looking for a companion who loves to watch the sunset, ball chasing, stick chewing, fishing and loving every minute of it! Don’t worry I am loving and give great kisses and hold your paw all night long!”

Owned by Teresa Hill Allmon

31. The pawsome prince looking for love.

“My name is Ozzy Pawsbourne Prince if Barkness. I love belly rubs, cuddles with my humans, and sleeping on all the furniture. I like to chase cats and squirrels and playing with my best friends Dusky and Mako in the evenings when our humans are home from work. Do you want to play with us?”

Owned by Debbie Gay Sheldon

32. If you give me a chance, I won’t get distracted by anything except your...

“Sup? I'm Hank. I'm only 11 months old... but I have the body of a grown-ass man.
We can chase the ball together... and by we, I mean you can chase it with me... but NEVER take possession of said ball. My ball. SQUIRREL!”

Owned by Keturah LaVier

33. Let’s be inmates.

“Looking for partner in crime to chase squirrels and people.”

Owned by Terrance Keene

34. Seeks GSD that thinks my ears are cute.

“My names Bear. I love to play, my ball is never far away. My goofy ears match my personality. And I look pretty dapper when I dress up.”

Owned by Cortney Richter

35. Looking for a girl that can match my energy and loves the outdoors.

“My name is Jack. Looking for female Duch or German companion who can match my energy. I love to go anywhere and do ANYTHING especially outdoors! Ready for a hike?

Owned by Csaba Lorinczy

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