Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On Leash

Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On Leash

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when you got a new puppy, that new puppy instantly knew how to walk on a leash without tripping, pulling, lagging behind, or tangling you up in it? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Dogs must be taught how to walk on a leash before they can accomplish any of these feats.


To teach your dog you must be patient, consistent, and willing to put in the hard work. It is well worth it when your dog is walking on a leash properly. There’s not a cure-all method that will work on every single dog, but there are several methods out there you can try with your dog:   


  1. Remember to have a “training” mindset every time you put your dog on a leash. It needs to be this way until your dog learns to properly walk on a leash without pulling.


  1. Keep training sessions short and fun. Your dog is more likely to pay attention and want to perform the same acts again.


  1. Exercise your dog before going on short training walks with your dog. This will keep your puppy from being too hyper, and they will be more likely to remain calm during training.


  1. Bring plenty of treats with which to reward your dog when he/she is acting in a desirable manner.


  1. If your dog begins to pull, stop right where you are. Once your dog stops pulling and is looking at you, you may start walking again, but if they start pulling again, repeat the process. Eventually, your dog will learn that he only gets to go when you are the one in control.


  1. Reward your dog for walking without pulling. Reward them as they are walking with you in the manner that you wish.

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