What Makes German Shepherds So Popular?

According to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd Dog is the second most popular dog is America, ranking second out of 193 dog breeds.  What makes German Shepherds so popular? 


We’ve asked some owners and here are the most frequent answers:




German Shepherd Dogs are very loyal. The bond they form with their family can’t easily be broken.  They make excellent pets and love nothing more than to be with their people, no matter what they are doing.




You’d be hard pressed to find a dog as loving and affectionate with their family as a German Shepherd.  Despite a tendency to be aloof with strangers, they enjoy being as close as possible to their people, hence the nickname, “Velcro dog.”




German Shepherds are natural family guardians and are very courageous.  They make excellent watch dogs.  They will alert their family to anything usual going on near their territory and act to defend their owners, if needed.




When it comes to smarts, German Shepherds are ahead of the pack.  They are easy to train and love to learn.  They can also be a bit stubborn, dominate, and full of personality.  Earn their respect and you’ll have a trainable friend for life.  If you don’t, you might find your shepherd trying to run the show.




German Shepherds are an athletic breed and make great companions.  If you want a dog to do things with, they make a great choice.  They love nothing more than to chase a ball, play on the beach, go running, or participate in organized dog sports. 




German Shepherds love to work.  Whether it’s ‘helping’ around the house, herding, working in law enforcement, as a service dog, military, tracking, or obedience training, they are happy when they are busy with a job.




German Shepherds love to have fun.  They are silly, rambunctious, playful, and have larger than life personalities.  They crave attention and will take every opportunity to make life a game.




Wherever they go, German Shepherds attract attention.  They are regal, handsome, gorgeous, graceful, and confident.  No matter their breeding and lineage, there is something special about each one.