Why is My Puppy Chewing on Walls? How Do I Correct It?

There are a few reasons your dog may be chewing on things, including the walls. It is very important to learn why your pup is chewing, as this will give you the proper way to handle the chewing, prevent it, and stop it if it continues.

The first step is to make sure it’s nothing medical. One reason your dog may be chewing on the walls is due to medical problems. Sometimes a puppy is teething, causing the need to chew, but sometimes the medical problem is far more serious. This could mean that your dog is not getting proper nutrients, there is a gastrointestinal problem, or that your dog may have intestinal parasites. Before doing anything, see your veterinarian to rule out any of these medical problems.


Next on the list is exercise. Exercise, exercise, exercise. This is especially important for young dogs and puppies. Young dogs become bored very easily, especially when they have plenty of pent up energy. Give your dog the chance to get rid of some of that energy, and you will definitely see improvement in your dog’s overall behavior, and with any luck, an improvement in the wall-chewing department.


Discourage your pup from chewing on things it shouldn’t, such as walls. Firmly yet gently scold your dog when inappropriate chewing occurs. The best thing to do is to redirect your dog’s attention. Sometimes a loud noise, such as a whistle or clap will do the trick. Sometimes a squirt to the face with a water gun or spray bottle will do. While redirecting attention, introduce bones, treats, and toys that are appropriate to chew. Encourage chewing the appropriate items, discourage the inappropriate, and (with time) you will see improvement in your dog’s behavior and chewing habits.