11 Things You Can’t Do When You Own A German Shepherd

11 Things You Can’t Do When You Own A German Shepherd

German shepherds are amazing dogs. Loyal and brave, they are excellent companions. Their personality traits and superior smarts make them even more unique.

If you ask any German shepherd lover what makes them so special, you’re likely to get a long laundry list of answers about all the things they admire about their dog, Things like, my dog is my best friend, you couldn’t ask for a more loyal dog, and my dog loves to go on adventures are just a few of the more common responses you’d hear.

German shepherd owners are a special breed, too. After all, they live day to day with a highly energetic, intelligent dog that wants nothing more than to be glued by their owner’s side every minute of the day and then some.

However, German shepherd owners have to give up some things to own one of these magnificent dogs. They don’t mind because every minute spent with a German shepherd is worth all the sacrifice. 

However, when you’re owned by a German shepherd, get ready to give up these 11 things:

  1. Consider the bathroom your personal space

Being owned by a German shepherd means you’ll never go to the bathroom alone, again. From the day your dog moves in, you’ll have an audience while you do your personal business. And, don’t even think about just shutting the door, your shepherd will just figure out how to open it.

  1. Vacuum too much

German shepherds shed, a lot. No amount of vacuuming will cause their fur to magically disappear from all your flooring and furniture. Try as you might, just when you think you’ve got it all, another fluffy fur ball will roll across your floor like a tumbleweed in the desert.  After a couple years, you’ll even marvel over how it is that your dog isn’t bald.

  1. Chillax

German shepherds are the opposite of couch potatoes. They are happiest when they have a job to do, which includes playing with you. Just when you have time to sit and relax, they’ll recognize that as the perfect opportunity to go out for a walk, play a long game of fetch, or run around the block. The only time they rest is when they’re recharging so take advantage of it when you can.

  1. Sleep alone

German shepherds like to be as close to their person as possible. They not only expect to share the bed but to also cuddle up by our side. It’s possible to train them to stay off the bed but since they’ll make it their lifelong mission to snooze next to you, it might be easier just to give in so you can get some rest.

  1. Save money

German shepherds enjoy the finer things in life. They expect to be spoiled with lots of tough chew toys, plenty of fun balls, tasty bones, the yummiest treats, and the healthiest food money can buy. They show their appreciation by devouring all you give them so you can go out and buy more.

  1. Sneak out of the house

They don’t call them Velcro dogs for nothing. They will notice everything you do and know where you are every moment. Since they like nothing more than being with you, they love to go with you making it impossible to leave the house without them giving you that sad face that is meant to consume you with guilt the entire time you’re gone.

  1. Oversleep

German shepherds have a built-in alarm clock that goes off at pee-o-clock each morning. You never have to set your alarm because they’ll faithfully wake you up early each day so that you can start your day off by looking into their sweet face and spending as much time with them as possible. Their motto could be, Sunday Funday, because it means spending more time with you.

  1. Eat alone

Owning a German shepherd means you’ll never have to eat alone. Your faithful shepherd will be happy to stay right next to you as you eat and even provide entertainment by drooling and lunging for any crumbs that you might drop. They’re also happy to help you eat your food if you can’t finish it all or when you’re not looking.

  1. Be spontaneous

German shepherds don’t like to be alone so careful planning is required to ensure their emotional needs are met. Not to mention, planning your activities around your dog’s need for activity. Throw in meal times, walks, bathroom breaks, training….don’t be fooled, your schedule will revolve around your dog.

  1. Be dignified

German shepherds are described as regal, noble, majestic, and distinguished. Their beauty and grace can’t be ignored and their athleticism is impressive. Their owners, however, walk around with dog fur on their clothes, drool smeared on their dark pants, treat crumbs on their shirt, dirt on their shoes, they carry slimy balls, and have poop bags hanging out of their pockets.

  1. Feel unloved

German shepherds are the most loyal and faithful breed ever. They love to spend time with you and when they gaze into your eyes, how can you feel anything other than adored? They are happiest being with you and want nothing more than to be your forever best friend.  They are the best.

German shepherds could be considered high maintenance dogs but we consider them a pure joy. They are the most amazing dogs in the world and give back one hundred-fold of what we could ever give up for them. They deserve all our love, devotion, and care and we can’t imagine life without one in it.

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