15 Things I Can’t Do Since Owning A German Shepherd

Owning a German shepherd is a lot of work. They take a lot of time, energy, and money to take care of. Not only are they high-maintenance dogs, but they’ll also completely change your life. Here are some things you can no longer do when you own one:

1. Sit on the best seat on the couch IG|penny.and.archie.the.gsds

2. Have nice things IG|kaisertheshepherd

3. Sleep alone IG| 3_spoiled_german_shepherds
4. Keep the windows clean IG| heisenberg_gsd

5. Go somewhere alone IG| willathesablegsd

6. Save money IG| beau.kylo

7. Not spoil the dog IG| leendaslife

8. Go to the bathroom alone IG| life_of_sarahb_thegsd
9. Keep the floor clean IG|lois_and_leo_the_gsds
10. Leave your shoes out IG|kissblushandtell

11. Eat alone IG|joy_the_gsd
12. Be sneaky IGking.rocky.gsd
13. Skip vacuuming IG|river-the-shep21
14. Not laugh everyday IG|aresiggsd

15. Be lonely IG|lowlandgermanshepherd
We hope you enjoy this hilarious look at what you can no longer do when you own a German shepherd. As always, please feel free to share with your friends!

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