17 Things German Shepherd Owners Know So Well

German shepherds are special dogs. Each one is unique and adds an abundance of love and joy to our lives. They are extra special and life is never boring when shared with one. Owning such a special dog is a privilege.

German shepherds also share some breed qualities that make them similar to each other. They are beautiful, loyal, smart, and protective. These traits add character to their already lively personalities.

Some things German shepherd owners know so well after living with them are:

1. Head tilts are hard to resist

German shepherds know exactly how to get their way. It is nearly impossible to ignore their famous head tilt. Owners everywhere often find themselves giving into the cuteness when their German shepherd tilts its head for a treat or when they want to play.

2. Putting up with dog fur is mandatory

German shepherds shed a lot, all year round. No matter how often they are brushed, tumbleweeds of hair will find their way onto your carpet, couch, chairs, closet, inside your shoes, and on your clothes. Vacuuming helps but never completely gets rid of it all.

3. Mind reading is part of their skills

German shepherds are mind readers. All you have to do is think about going to the vet and they’ll know it. They are impossible to fool no matter how hard you try. Just try to sneak a snack or out the door without being noticed.

4. Training is not optional

When a German shepherd enters your life, training is not optional. They have strong personalities and need a leader they respect. Otherwise they will make life decisions for themselves, which will probably not be in their best interest. Or, yours.

5. Privacy is a thing of the past

German shepherds have no sense of personal space. They want to be everywhere you are, all the time. They see no reason why they can’t go to the bathroom with you, watch you get dressed, and follow you everywhere you go.

6. Play time will happen

For these active dogs, play and exercise time is not optional. If you forget, they’ll relentlessly remind you by dropping their ball in your lap, on your feet, on your key board, or by trying to nudge that cell phone right out of your hand. Might as well give in because play time is happening, or else they can get destructive or anxious.

7. Exploring is life

German shepherds live to explore. They love to sniff out new or even their normal environments every day. Nothing gets past their sense of smell and the slightest change in their surroundings captures their attention. If something is moved or new, they’re going to notice and check it out.

8. You will stick to a schedule

It’s important to stick to a routine. When you share your life with a German shepherd, they’ll be sure you get up early every day, never let you forget to get your exercise, and remind you when its mealtime. If you happen to slack, you’ll be sure to hear all about it.

9. Herding dogs are mouthy

German shepherds are herding dogs, which means they are a mouthy breed. They love to put things in their mouth and true to their heritage, as puppies they love to nip and chew on anything that they can fit inside. It takes diligence, training, plenty of chews, and lots of toys to get past the puppy stage and beyond.

10. Life is exciting

German shepherds know how to embrace life. Whether it’s going on a car ride, greeting you at the door, enjoying a yummy treat, fetching a ball, or taking a walk-they put their whole heart into whatever they’re doing and really enjoy themselves.

11. Trips are meant to be taken together

These super loyal dogs love nothing more than to be with you all the time. They love to go on trips and watching you pack is exciting. Unless, they always get left behind in which case, they can get depressed and forlorn. Either way, it’s clear that according to German shepherds, trips are meant to be taken together.

12. Home is the best place to be

Along with going on adventures, they love to go back home. They know when they’re getting close and can hardly wait to get out of the car and back inside their house. Once there, they’ll excitedly check out everything they’ve missed. Through their eyes, it’s clear to see that home truly is the sweetest spot to be.

13. They make the best dog models

German shepherds are beautiful and make the best dog models. Cell phones everywhere are packed full of pictures and videos of them doing just about anything and everything-even when they’re doing nothing at all. The best part, they always look adorable no matter what.

14. They’re not cheap

German shepherds are not cheap. Throughout their life they need routine vet care, can be prone to allergies and orthopedic and other health problems. They need high quality foods, dog beds, toys, as well as vitamins and supplements. Along with that, larger dogs are more expensive to own but they are worth every penny.

15. Worth the mess

These dogs can be mess makers. German shepherd owners find nose art everywhere, drool on car windows, trails of water from water dishes, toys all over the house and yard, and treasures hidden around the house but they are worth every mess they make.

16. They rock

German shepherds are awesome. They’re athletic, intelligent, can learn just about anything, and are the most impressive breed on the planet. Whether in training, learning a new trick, or just kicking back-these dogs are so cool to own.

17. Lovers not fighters

Despite being fiercely protective, they are motived by loyalty and love. There is nothing they won’t do to protect and please you but for the most part, they just want to love you and be your best friend everyday of their life.

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