17 Reasons That Prove Your German Shepherd Is Your Soulmate

17 Reasons That Prove Your German Shepherd Is Your Soulmate
There is no other breed as loyal as a German shepherd. They’ll give you a lifetime of love, devotion, companionship, and friendship. From the day that they become yours, a strong bond will form that instantly makes them part of the family.

From the time they are puppies, and until they reach their final golden years, everything they do is with you in mind. They will be your shadow, playmate, protector, adventure buddy, and helper.

All they want to do is be by your side….some even call them soulmates and for good reason.

Here are 17 reasons why:

1. They only have eyes for you. From the day you bring them home, German shepherds are fully devoted to their family and will remain that way until their last breath. (IG| khan.and.kara)

2. They’ll keep your secrets and listen to everything you have to say no matter what. (IG| lilmunchkin8)

3. They’ll watch over you while you’re sleeping. You’ll never have to worry about being surprised in the night because your German shepherd is always looking out for you. (IG| absolute_kaos1)

4. They will make you laugh. German shepherds are smart and silly. They give you a lifetime of smiles. (IG| its.samthegsdgirl)

5. They want to be there to celebrate all of life’s big moments with you. No matter what you’re doing, they want to be part of it. (IG| bestboybenson)

6. They get jealous when you pay attention to things that don’t involve them, like working so you make money to buy them more food and toys. (IG| scout_germanshepherddog)

7. They’ll love your kids and protect them as though they were their own. These two will be best friends and share lots of fun moments as they grow up together. (IG| rachelbylsma1)

8. Your German shepherd will judge you and give you the look when they don’t approve or think you’re being ridiculous but they’ll love you anyway. (IG| littleadventuresofhogan)

9. German shepherds love adventures and will go with you anywhere. They love nothing more than to do new things as long as they are with you they’re happy. (IG| albertcasanovasphotography)

10. They love to just hang out at home with you. They even manage to look cool while wearing your clothes. (IG| zeus.gshepherd)

11. They’ll bring you their favorite treasures to show you how much they love you. (IG| arya_nottoday_nelson)
12. No matter how big they get, they’ll always be your baby and want to sit in your lap. (IG| irynaaaaa)

13. You’ll never be alone. In the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the closet, where you go, they go. (IG| keeping.up.with.kaiser.storm)

14. They always have your back. If you don’t like someone or something, they don’t either. They’re always on your side, simple as that. (IG| ailolovessarra)

15. They always make sure you never get bored and have something to do, like play ball, go for a walk, go swimming…you’ll never be just sitting around that’s for sure. (IG| denisemilaniofficial)

16. They help you reduce stress and take time to relax and enjoy what’s really important in life. (IG| cedar_paws)

17. They’ll be your best friend, through thick and thin, to the end. (IG| elamigodeperros)

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