17 Reasons Why German Shepherds Make The Best Valentines

German shepherds are the best dogs. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are also super smart and even more loving. There are so many wonderful things to say about the breed but one of the things highest on the list is their unwavering loyalty, which makes them extra special.

With all these great qualities, it’s no wonder German shepherds make the best Valentines. Here’s 17 reasons why we think so…

1. They give you presents

German shepherds are very giving. No more so than when they are sharing their favorite ball. Yes, it’s true they’ll want it back and it will be covered with slobber. But, as long as you’re willing to throw it, they’ll be willing to share it, over and over, and we can’t think of a better gift than that.

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2. They’ll whine you and dine you
Your German shepherd may not be able to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant but that won’t stop them from whining and dining you. And, even though you’ll have to cook the meal, they’ll happily sit across from you, gazing into your eyes, as you eat every last bite. Of course, you may have to listen to a little whining when they notice your plate is almost empty but that’s only because they want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day dinner with you and if its steak, even better.


3. They’re sweeter than chocolate

Sure, nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a box of scrumptious chocolates but your German shepherd is sweeter than any fancy candy. They want nothing more than to cuddle up with you on this special day, and every other day, too.

4. They are great kissers

If you’re into sharing big sloppy kisses on Valentine’s Day, your German shepherd will be happy to oblige. They love to give your cheek a slurp when you least expect it and are pros at sneaking them in. Rest assured, you’ll never go without kisses when you share your life with an affectionate German shepherd dog.

5. You’ll never disappoint them
Whatever your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is, your German shepherd will be happy to do it with you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, they just want to be by your side. It doesn’t matter to them what plans you make, you’ll never disappoint them as long as they get to go, too.
6. They are the perfect date
German shepherds make the perfect date. They show up on time and they are game to stay up as late as you want. They don’t care what you wear, if your hair is perfect, or even what kind of car you drive. They never judge, you don’t have to impress them, and they love you the most when you’re truly yourself.
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7. They’re more valuable than diamonds
German shepherds are more valuable than diamonds. Not only are they prettier to look at, they are more fun to own, and their awesome personalities sparkle brighter than any lavish gemstones. If you’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with your dog than receive jewelry, you’re a true German shepherd lover.

8. You’ll never go to bed alone
No matter how your Valentine’s Day goes, you won’t go to bed alone when you have a German Shepherd by your side. No, they may not be your dream ending to a romantic day, but they are loyal and don’t care what your pajamas look like or if you used mouth wash.
9. You don’t have to worry about what to buy them
German shepherds are easy to please. When you spend your Valentine’s Day with one, you never have to stress over the gift to give. They’re happy with a new ball, a special treat, or even nothing at all. Just being with you is gift enough.
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10. They won’t compare you to their previous Valentines

German shepherds only have eyes for you. They won’t make you feel insecure by comparing you to their previous Valentines because they’ve never had one. To them, you make up all the stars in their universe and the only jealousy going on will be if you stop and pet another dog.

11. They’ll never stand you up
You never have to worry about spending the day alone because your dog will never stand you up. As the most loyal breed ever, they will be there for you on Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year. You’ll never be lonely on Valentine’s Day when you own a German shepherd.
12. They’ll never forget to celebrate you
Your German shepherd will never forget Valentine’s Day because to them, every day is a celebration of the love and friendship you share. They don’t need a special day marked on the calendar to tell them to shower you with love, but since there is one, they will be there showing you how much they adore you.
13. Their actions speak louder than words
No, your German shepherd won’t go out and buy you a sentimental card for Valentine’s Day but their actions speak louder than any written words could. Every day, they shower you with love and that is more meaningful than any sappy card could ever be.
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14. They don’t judge you
Your German shepherd is just happy to be with you. They’re not into judging the gift you give or what you serve for dinner as a measure of your love and commitment. They’re confident that when you’re with them it’s because you want to be. Simple as that.
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15. Easier to please than your significant other
No matter how much you love your significant other, sometimes there’s stress when it comes to trying to plan something extra special. Well, that never happens with your German shepherd because they don’t care if you do the same thing again or give the same gift…To them another ball is just the coolest!
16. They are the cutest
Let’s face it, German shepherds are the cutest Valentines ever. With their big ears, long nose, and floofy tail, they are adorable. Not to mention, they’re personality will also make you laugh. There is nothing cuter than a German shepherd so why wouldn’t you want to spend your Valentine ’s Day with one?
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17. Their love is unconditional
Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating true love and what could be truer than sharing unconditional love with your German shepherd? Through ups and downs, sickness and health, happy days and sad, your German shepherd will steadfastly be there by your side through them all and there is no better Valentine than that.
We hope you and your dog have the best Valentine’s Day ever. As always, please feel free to share this with your German shepherd loving friends!

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