21 Entry Level K9’s So Cute You’ll Want To Be Arrested

21 Entry Level K9’s So Cute You’ll Want To Be Arrested

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, these entry level K9’s are future bad asses on their way to a life of protecting and serving their fellow officers and the public.

1. I may be tiny but someday I’ll have your six. IG|gsdiestail

2. Never too soon to wear Sabre Tactical Gear. FB|New Zealand Police

3. Full body protection for the tiniest officer. FB|Brimfield Police Department

4. Cutest recruit ever! Twitter|Boston Police Department

5. Cuddles are part of the job. Twitter|Riley County PD

6. Five times the force! Twitter|Met Police Taskforce

7. Only ten weeks and already a Titan. Twitter|Northants Police Dog Section

8. Today you carry me but one day, I’ll carry you. Twitter|Northants Police ARV

9. Solid black trio in training. Twitter|Hants & TVP Police Dog Section 

10. Preparing for duty in the Ukraine. Twitter|MFA of Ukraine

11. Future fur missile. Twitter|chNW Police Dogs

12. Don’t let the pink collar fool you! i.imgur

13. Wyla reporting for duty. FB|Police Dog Trust

14. UK K9’s in field training. FB|Nick Wilkinson

15. West Midlands Police’s tiniest officer. FB|Andy Biggar Photography

16. Point me toward the bad guy! flickr|Greater Manchester Police

17. Ready for morning watch. Reddit

18. Learning to patrol the platform, the tracks will be safer now. Twitter|K9 Core Ltd

19. Seven weeks old and killing it! flickr|West Midlands Police

20. Getting ready for the first days on the job. Twitter|Delta Police Department

21. It’s not easy being a police K9. Twitter|BeckyDukuDubz

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