15 Signs Your German Shepherd Loves You

15 Signs Your German Shepherd Loves You

German shepherd owners love their dogs for their loyalty, bravery, and intelligence. But the connection between dog and owner goes much deeper than just those traits.

German shepherds develop a special bond with their owners that can be hard to put into words. Their devotion, intuition, and the love that they show is unmatched in the dog world.

Here are 15 signs that your German shepherd loves you:

1. Just wants to be glued to your hip

German shepherds love to be close to you. They are happiest when glued to your hip. When they’re not busy playing or working, they love nothing more than to follow you around the house or rest at your feet just waiting for you to spend time with them.

2. Will always have your back

This love for physical closeness also enables them to watch your back. They’re always on the lookout so they can alert you to danger. It is impossible for anyone to sneak up on you when your furry best friend is protecting you.

3. Shows lots of affection

Your German shepherd lives to show you affection even though they can be aloof with strangers. They love to kiss and cuddle and just chill out with you. When hanging around the house, it’s not common for them to check in on you to remind you how much they adore you and to make sure you’re doing okay.

4. Is just really a big cuddle bug

German shepherds love to show their love by cuddling and snuggling with you. They can act like giant lap dogs with no concept of their size. They love to share a couch or chair with you while watching your favorite movie or the evening news.

5. Your living shadow

Wherever you go, your German shepherd wants to follow. It doesn’t matter if you go to the bathroom, wash dishes, or even check the mail, they want to be with you all the time and miss you when you’re gone. This is also why they make such great companions and always up for whatever you want to do.

6. Is always excited to see you

Which brings us to the next way they show love, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, they are always happy to see you. They never get sick of your company. They show their happiness by wagging their tail, spinning in circles, dancing, and giving lots of kisses. It’s impossible for them to contain their excitement when you return to them.

7. Wants to play all the time

German shepherds love to show their adoration with a toss of their ball, a walk, or sharing their tug toys with you. They love to play and burn off energy and in their eyes, there is no better playmate than the person they share life with-you. Sharing their toys is one of the ways they show you how much they care.

8. Boops you to get your attention

German shepherds crave your attention and have no trouble reminding you that they want some. They’ll often boop you with their snoot or show you their rear or stomach for a rub. It’s just their way of reminding you that they are always there, waiting for you to return their affection.

9. Can get demanding

When a German shepherd is feeling neglected and a nosing you isn’t cutting it, they can get demanding. They may bark or even get in some good-natured mischief to get your attention back on themselves, where they think it belongs. This is just their way of saying, “you’re the most important person in my life so I should be the most important in yours, too.”

10. Shows respect by being obedient

German shepherds show their love by responding to you. They live to learn and please you and being obedient makes them happy. They equate consistency and praise with love and they’ll prove they deserve it over and over throughout their life when you raise them with the respect and care they deserve.

11. Wants to sleep with you every night

German shepherds love sleeping in bed with you. When they’re not cuddled up close to you like a hot potato, they are usually sprawled out but always making sure some body part is still touching. And, they may be sleeping, but they are still aware of every sound in the house and every move you make during the night.

12. Accepts you for who you are even on bad days

German shepherds accept you as you are. They don’t care what you look like, if the laundry is done, if your hair is long or short, what style of clothes your wear, how much money you have, if you have a tattoo or not, or what kind of car you drive. They have the uncanny ability to read your heart and your heart is what they love most. In this same way, they will instantly get a read on a bad person and go on alert to protect you.

13. Helps you be a better person

When you share your life with a German shepherd you become a better person through their example. Their loyalty, friendship, devotion, and selflessness are impossible to ignore. When you become more like your dog, you can’t help but become a better person.

14. Gazes into your eyes with fondness

Do you ever look up to find your dog gazing at you with love in their eyes? Dogs reserve eye contact for those they love and trust most so when you notice your dog looking into your eyes, it is a high form of flattery. They are sending you the message, you are my person and I love you so much! Next time, reach over and get them a chin scratch or a rub behind the ears and notice how happy returning their affection makes them.

15. Your forever best friend

Your German shepherd has seen it all-your laughter and your tears. They’ve seen you sick and healthy. They’ve seen you low and high and unconditionally love you through it all. They stay right by your side to comfort you, keep you company when you’re lonely, or are happy to have fun on a good day. But the most important part is, they are always there for you.

These are just some of the ways our German shepherds show love. How does your dog show their affection? Drop a note in the comments and tell us how your dog tells you that they love you.

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