21 Of The Cutest Black German Shepherds

One of the rarer colorations of the German shepherd dog breed, the black shepherd is simply stunning. Recognized by the American Kennel Club, these dogs are known for their solid black fur.

Like all German shepherds, these black beauties are active, working dogs just like their counterparts. What sets them apart is a gene mutation, which gives them an almost mysterious appearance.

Intelligent, loving, and loyal, the black German shepherd is all German shepherd dog. They are gorgeous, athletic, and protective. We wish we could share them all but since we can’t, we’ve picked out 21 cuties for you to enjoy!

1. These two are twice the cuteness IG|ravensblackgerman

2. Stunner pup posing in the snow IG|blackgsdsofig

3. Take my rose, if you dare… IG|taly_the_black_german_shepherd

4. Balls make this handsome dude happy IG|diesel_theblackgsd

5. Future magnificence in progress IG|blackgermansd

6. Life’s a beach for this raven beauty IG|paxgsd

7. Probably the most photogenic dog, ever IG|onyxblackgsd

8. Double down on the fun IG|blackgermanshepherdsk9

9. Just try to look away from this perfection IG|black_pearl_german_shepherds

10. High five for the raw grind IG|kaos_blackgermanshepherd

11. This pup named Buzz will leave you buzzing  IG|_black_german_shepherd_

12. Did someone say “come?” IG|black_.german_shepherd

13. When you’re cute and handsome IG|kaos_blackgermanshepherd

14. Growing up gorgeous IG|sasha_theblackshepherd

15. Where is the treato? IG|black_german_shepherd_xheki

16. What’s black, beautiful, and white all over?IG|black_german_shepherd_bagheera

17. Queen of cuteness IG|athena_the_queena

18. When your friends know you’re a little extra G|black.german

19. When your tongue is miles long but no one cares because you’re so fine IG|black_german_shepherd

20. Who wears it better? IG|jax_theblackgsd

21. Yes, it is possible to be this cute IG|molly_theblackgsd

We hope you enjoyed these incredibly cute and beautiful black German shepherd dogs. As always, please feel free to share with your friends and share your pups with us on Facebook.

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