Everything You Need To Know About The Black German Shepherd

Everything You Need To Know About The Black German Shepherd

Beautiful and magnificent, the black German shepherd is stunning. As the second most popular breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club, German shepherds are highly recognizable.

Yet, one of these dogs that stands out from the rest is the solid black German shepherd. It’s not hard to see why…they are gorgeous to look at and impressive to watch regardless of whether they are at work or play.


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Some mystery surrounds solid black German shepherds, possibly because they are not seen as often as other color variations. Possibly, because their jet black, shiny coats make them almost seem magical. Whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of these gorgeous dogs and have gathered some facts just for you.

Are Solid Black German Shepherds Pure Bred?

The AKC recognizes several colors and markings; one of the rarer being the solid black. When researching the color variation, it is said that there is about a 7% - 10% chance of producing a black German shepherd during a normal breeding. However, there are breeders that aim to produce solid black dogs.


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Do Solid Black German Shepherds Cost More?

Since a solid black puppy may be more difficult to find, the cost of a solid black puppy has the propensity to be more than a popular color. However, this is for high quality dogs bred by reputable breeders, free from health defects, that health test and title their dogs.

In other words, the quality and lineage of the dog should be the deciding factor in the price. Since the genetics of the dog can’t be changed, one should not pay more for a solid black German shepherd ‘just because’ it’s black.


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What Causes Black German Shepherds To Be Black?

In order to produce a black German shepherd, both parents must carry recessive genes. To be born a black dog, means that the dog must have a black recessive gene from each parent. In other words, both genes from both parents have to be the black gene.

Recessive genes are normal genes. They cause variation in traits, however, should not cause abnormal health problems, unless there is a problem with the genetics of one or both breeding dogs.


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A black puppy can be produced in one of three ways:

1. Both parents are black and carry the recessive black genes.
2. Both parents of any color are carriers of the recessive black gene and pass it on.
3. One parent is black and the other a carrier of the recessive black gene.

Are Black German Shepherds The Same As Other German Shepherds?

Black German shepherds are herding, working dogs. They are social, smart, highly trainable, and very active. They need lots of exercise and socialization as with all working breeds. They make great working dogs as well as family pets-just like all the other colors and patterns.


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Black German shepherds can have long and standard coats. Some have soft, downy coats while others have denser, coarser fur-just like all German shepherds. They require the same grooming and shed a lot just as the rest of the breed.

Their physical conformation comes from their genetics, not their color. As with all German shepherds, the breed standard for a black German shepherd should be males 24-26 inches tall, 65-90 pounds; females 22-24 inches tall, 50-70 pounds. They live 12-14 years.

German shepherds should appear strong, agile and muscular. They should be alert, curious, and lively. They have large chests and have smooth curves rather than harsh angles. They should be athletic, fit, and coordinated.

They should be neither overly friendly nor overly aggressive. It is usually easy to tell the males from the females since the males are bigger, heavier, and look more masculine. Females tend to have a softer, more feminine, appearance.


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Why Would Someone Want A Black German Shepherd?

Black German shepherds look so exquisite they can stop traffic. Like all German shepherds, they are very loyal, protective, and make great companions. If you want to stand out and own a popular breed with a bit of mystery attached to it, a black German shepherd may be what you’re looking for.


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Are Black German Shepherds More Aggressive?

For some reason, some black dogs in the United States suffer a stigma possibly due to some ancient superstitions (think of black cat crossing the road). Black dogs are often overlooked in shelters and at times, considered more aggressive by appearance alone. This is a total fallacy. Black dogs and specifically black German shepherds are not more aggressive than other dogs.


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Do Black German Shepherds Need Anything Special?

Just like all German shepherds, they need a high-quality diet, lots of exercise, and plenty of love and attention. To help keep them fit and their black fur shining, a good diet along with omega 3’s should be enough.


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They are prone to the same health problems, the same as their more colorful cousins. These include hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and back and joint problems. If their fur suddenly starts to turn white, a vet should rule out vitiligo, hypothyroidism, liver and kidney disease.

We love black German shepherds and think they are beautiful dogs. If you love them too, please share with your family and friends.

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