Controlling Your German Shepherds Shedding With The King Komb

If you own a German shepherd then you know they shed, a lot. There is no escaping it and there is not much you can do to avoid it except groom them often. New owners are often surprised about just how much they can shed all over the house.

Since they have thick double coats, shedding is normal for them. In fact, they do an amazing thing called “blowing their coat” twice a year in the spring and fall. What makes it so amazing is that they have any fur left when they’re done.

Blowing their coat simply means they are losing their dense undercoat. They have a lot of it! So much so that it will fall out in tufts of fur tumbleweeds that will be floating all over your house. Sometimes they can even be plucked right off your dog like cotton balls.

Keeping your German shepherd healthy will help prevent some ‘excess’ shedding but all German shepherds will shed year-round. Some ways to keep their skin and coat in good shape and reduce hair loss include:

• Brush often with the right tool
• Bathe every 3-4 months with a deshedding shampoo and conditioner
• Feed a high-quality diet
• Add omega 3 fatty acids to their food
• Keep allergies under control
• Treat skin infections or yeast right away
• Prevent parasites

Even if you do all those things, your German shepherd is still going to shed. It’s just part of owning the breed and something you’ll get used to when you own one. Even though it creates work, they are worth every hair you’ll find in places you can’t imagine.

But even though you know they shed, you’ll still want to keep their shedding under control to help keep your house and furniture fur-free. The best and most affordable way to do this is by grooming them often.

Thankfully, German shepherds are easy to groom and don’t require a professional groomer. You can easily bathe and brush them yourself. It helps a lot to own the right tools and one of our favorites is the King Komb by King Kanine.

We like this tool because it’s gentle on the coat but also works to remove loose fur. Unlike so many combs that just can’t handle the challenge of a German shepherd, this one makes life so much easier and your German shepherd will be more comfortable while being brushed.

They also work faster than some combs. You know how German shepherds quickly get bored with their grooming and want to go do other things? They just don’t have the patience to sit forever while you brush them. This cuts the time they have to sit still way down.

Another thing that makes this comb special is that it has two sides. One side has comfortable soft rubber nubs that work like bristles to remove the fur while massaging the skin. The other side has retractable and adjustable metal blades that can pull out loose fur with short, quick strokes.

The King Komb makes it much easier to quickly brush your dog. Another thing you’ll like is it’s designed to comfortably fit in your hand so it’s easy to hold while you brush. It’s super handy when your dog is sitting still or just chilling out with you.

If you like to use a shampoo brush, the rubber side can also be used for that. You can also use it to spot clean fur from the carpet, rugs, and such when you don’t have the time or don’t feel like pulling out the vacuum.

We’re super stoked to be able to now offer this awesome comb. Some of the features you’ll like are:

• There are 51 rubberized bristles that help remove allergy-triggering dander
• It quickly and easily removes excess fur from the top and undercoat
• Helps to keep the coat silky smooth
• Will not cut your dog’s fur
• The retractable blades make it self-cleaning on the retractable side
• The rubber side is super easy to clean
• The ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy
• Rubber bristles are excellent for massage & dermal stimulation for a healthy coat
• Can be used for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils
• Designed by pet passionate dog owners

If you can only have one grooming tool, this should be it. If you have many, this one is great and will make your life easier. Please let us know how you like it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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