13 Reasons Why I Own A German Shepherd

13 Reasons Why I Own A German Shepherd

After owning a German shepherd, it’s hard to imagine owning any other breed. They’re so many great things to say about them, it’s hard to explain what makes them so special to people who’ve never owned one.

Everyone has their own reasons why they love this amazing breed. But, here are some reasons why I own a German Shepherd:

1. Loyal to the end

German shepherds are incredibly loyal. Through thick and thin, they’ll always have your back and stand by your side. There’s no dog more devoted to their family than a German shepherd. When you own one, they also own you.

2. Einstein’s of the dog world

German shepherds are very intelligent. Naturally smart and curious, they are the Einstein’s of the dog world. They’re always thinking and are willing to learn just about anything you throw their way. If it happens to be a ball, even better.

3. Highly trainable

They are very trainable. Due to their motivation to please their owners, they will work hard to make you happy. They also get very bored so a person must love spending time and working with their dog to keep them happy.

4. Protective of their family

As herding dogs, German shepherds are natural guardians. Ever watchful over their home and family, nothing gets past them unnoticed. They consider it their job to watch over their pack, day and night, seven days a week.

5. Can do anything

German shepherds are highly versatile. Their confidence and intelligence enables them to excel in many surroundings. With the right training, they are equally at home working with police, the military, herding sheep on a ranch, guarding our borders, at a busy airport keeping our skies safe, as a service dog, or loving family companion.

6. Hilarious personalities

German shepherds are funny dogs. They’ll entertain you with the things they do naturally. They seem to have a sense of humor and delight in making you laugh. Although each one is unique, they all share characteristics that give them huge personalities.

7. Keep you busy

German shepherds are very active. From the time they’re young pups, until well into their senior years, they will keep you busy. There is no such thing as sleeping in or being lazy when you have a German shepherd at home wanting to burn off some energy.

8. Fun play dates

It’s not all about work with this breed. They also love to have fun. It doesn’t matter if they’re chasing a ball or going on a hike, they love to play and have a good time. Fortunately for owners, this also burns off some of the endless energy.

9. Best cuddlers

They are furry and fluffy and make the best cuddlers. They love to snuggle up and watch a movie or sleep right next to you in bed. As long as they are glued to you, they’re happy.

10. Make you smile

There is a lot of reasons to love a German shepherd but the happiness they bring is immeasurable. They add pure joy to the lives of those that love them and become the best friend you never knew you didn’t have.

11. Devoted companions

If you want a dog that wants to be by your side and go everywhere you go, a German shepherd is the pup for you. In fact, you can count on them to follow you everywhere, to invade your personal space, and privacy-forget about it with a shepherd in the house.

12. Heart dogs

The canine equivalent of a soul mate, people often refer to their German shepherd as their heart dog. The breed has natural empathy, can seemingly read your mind. They are also experts at reading body language. They are highly intuitive with off the charts sensitivity and able to read your emotions, which makes them highly bonded to their owner.

13. Nothing more loving

From the moment they enter your life, they’ll continue to love you until their last breath. They live to be with you. Watching over you is their job. Nothing makes them happier than being with you. You are their whole world and they live to love you.

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