15 Reasons Why You Need A German Shepherd, If You're Looking For Love And Loyalty

15 Reasons Why You Need A German Shepherd, If You're Looking For Love And Loyalty

If you’re looking for a dog that will never leave your side, a German shepherd is known for their unwavering loyalty. Not only are they loyal, they are also loving, playful, and very protective.

Always up for an adventure, German shepherds are super active and make excellent companions because they want nothing more than to be with you all the time. In fact, they take that job very seriously.

For these reasons, German shepherds make excellent pets, if you want a dog that will truly be part of your everyday routine. They require more interaction than most breeds but this quality is also what makes them so special.

Adding a German shepherd to your life means you’re getting a new best friend that will need to be trained, played with, exercised, and loved. They will repay this attention with total devotion and will be your shadow.

Here are just a few reasons why you need a German shepherd if you’re looking for love and loyalty:

1. They Love You Unconditionally

Having a bad day? No problem. A German shepherd will love you at your best and when you’re at your worst. They don’t care if you made an embarrassing mistake at work or if you’ve fired off a nasty comment on your friend’s Facebook page. In their eyes, you’re perfect just like you are.

2. They Help Cure Loneliness

German shepherds are herding dogs. That means, they love to be close to their pack. Nothing makes them happier than being right by your side, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. They just want to be next to you, every minute of every day. In fact, if you spend too much time apart, they’ll let you know it.

3. They Are Good Listeners

German shepherds are highly sensitive and expressive. When you talk to them, they truly listen and it seems as though they can understand what you’re staying. This is most likely because they are experts at reading body language but when you need an ear, they will be there.

4. They’ll Never Betray You

Known to be a highly loyal breed, a German shepherd will never betray you. They will always be there looking out for your best interest. Their devotion is limitless and they deserve it returned in the same measure.

5. Great Snuggle Buddies

Sure, German shepherds are hard-working, active dogs but they also have a soft side. Most love to snuggle up by your side when the work day is done to watch television or be near you while you read a good book.

6. They’ll Keep You Safe

If you live alone, you can count on your German shepherd to have your back. No one is going to be sneaking into your house without getting noticed. They are protective and will alert you to anything unusual going on around your home so you can rest easy.

7. They Are Up For Anything

If you want a companion to do things with, a German shepherd is up for anything. They love to go on walks or hikes, to go to the beach, to take a road trip, or even spend the night away from home. They enjoy new things and when trained, make excellent buddies to go adventuring with.
8. Boredom Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Did we mention they are active, high maintenance dogs? A German shepherd will keep you busy, that’s for sure. Their need for play time, exercise, training, mental stimulation, and grooming will keep you on your toes so you won’t have much time to be sitting around with nothing to do.

9. They’ll Help You Meet People

There is something about a German shepherd that attracts people to them. They are beautiful but also full of personality. When you’re out and about with your dog, you’ll meet plenty of people who want to know more about the breed as well as other German shepherd owners. There is also a lot of opportunity to get involved in social media groups as well as dog sports.

10. You’ll Never Eat Alone Again

Got food? That’s one of their mottos. Your German shepherd will love trying to look adorable while begging for you to share your meal. Eating alone will be a thing of the past if you add a German shepherd to your life.

11. They’ll Always Be By Your Side

Before you know if, your German shepherd will sneak into your heart and everywhere else. They can’t get close enough and will follow you all around the house including your closet and the bathroom. It’s like having a fluffy personal escort up in your business every minute of the day.
12. They’ll Make You Laugh

German shepherds are funny. From their quirky head tilts to their crazy antics, they are hilarious to be around. It sounds corny but they truly can “turn a frown upside down” because it’s impossible not to have a better day when you share it with one of these great dogs.
13. They Give You Purpose

When you feel lonely, a German shepherd will give you purpose. To care and provide for a German shepherd is a great gift and they return that care with unmatched devotion and loyalty. Every ounce of time and energy you give to your German shepherd, they will repay in love a thousand times over.

14. They Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Being alone can amplify feelings of stress and anxiety. Owning a German shepherd may help reduce these feelings and improve your mental and physical health. Having a dog by your side helps reduce blood pressure, your heart rate, and is also a comfort during tough times.

15. They’ll Be Your Best Friend

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, life is better with a German shepherd by your side. They truly make excellent best friends that can always be counted on to love you and want to be with you no matter what.

We think German shepherds make the best friends and companions. There is no other dog as loyal and devoted. They truly bond with their humans and never want to leave their side. They love to play, work, exercise, train, and more as long as they have their owner near. We think that makes them very special dogs.

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